The Really Muddy Weekend

The Really Muddy Weekend

Really lived up to it’s name! with a week of baking sun and more danger of a bush fire amongst the amazon like jungle that was growing around the farms than a mud slide we were beginning to get worried about the course!!! But fear not in the early hours of the event the sky’s opened and created a mud bath!!!!

This year saw us launch the Dirty Little Rascals a 3K Run around some of the muddies sections of the course and fair play 81 little kids turned up aged from 5 to 14 and all rearing to go (I’m not sure they knew what they were raring to go for but they seemed excited) Then just as we left the registration Barn the sky’s opened Whoever controls the weather must have a hell of a sense of humour as this was the worst downpour of the day luckily it was very short lived and the kids went off at a rate of knots on the gun (as they do) and from there it went swimmingly (literally) All you could hear was the screams of excitement, laughter and nervous anticipation. But really positive feedback and this is a definite for next May.

My favourite quote of the Dirty Little Rascals was as they were going through the last ditch one little boy (must of been all of 5 years old, came up to me and said in a very well spoken accent “Do you know I’ve never done this before and I’m not sure I’m doing it right but it seems like fun!”

The Teens, Adults and Big Kids!  

Were next up and with 188 running, walking and falling their way around the course it made for another spectacle. We had changed the course around a little bit to freshen it up for the regulars and to stay away from the cows, added a little bit of a slip slide down into the trenches which I was informed the ladies embraced more than the men!  And after binging absent from the course for the past 3 runs we managed to re open the mud pond over on Caerhys farm, which had been flooded for 2 years so it really was muddy and a hard slog.

But as usual there were all degrees of runners the first 25 or so in were flying with a young soldier from the 14th Signals in Brawdy being first to cross the line whilst the local twins Ollie and Ed were 2nd and 3rd not sure which is which to be honest. And then a father and son team Nathan and Jacob Miles were 4th and 5th with Dad Nathan probably slowing his son down

But as always for the vast majority the goal is to get around with a bit of jesting in between and our regular fancy dressers turned up as pirates being lead by Nina and Lyn who were promised by Sean Holley that he would join them as a pirate, but unfortunately or fortunately for a lot of West Wallians with the Scarlets reaching and winning the Pro12 Final he was committed in Dublin – But girls you’ll have to get onto him for Xmas!

We were also joined by the Caerphilly Tigers ladies Rugby Team who showed great stamina on the course some of them staying out there for four hours, but that was nothing compared to their stamina in the bar afterwards!!!!!

The Really Muddy Weekend also saw an additional 10 mile race being added for the Bold and Brave, Now only 8 people took on this challenge and they all finished inside the top 40 of the 5 miler!! with the winner Jonathan Phillips being inside the top 10!! and coming in as sweeper for these mad men was a not so young ex 14th Signals soldier Kevin Joyce who has done every one of our mud runs and has the T-shirts to prove it!!!

Thanks to all for joining us and for the those who stayed the weekend, drank the drink and danced to Gaza’s disco hope to see you all soon.

The final word goes to the land owners Ian of Celtic Camping, Gerald of Caerhys and Grahamand of course Trecenny and of course the marshals, it may of been great conditions to run a mud run but not so for the marshals so thank you big time!

The Finishing Order  

Date: 27-MAY-2017 Event: Really Muddy Weekend The Original 5m

Pos Name
1 Stephen Lovatt
2 Ollie Davies
3 Edwin Davies
4 Jacob Miles
5 Nathan Miles
6 Meiron Williams
7 Sion Phillips
8 Oliver Reed
9 Andy Craig
10 Jolene Lewis

Amanda John

Carrie Slack

Sam Clark

11 Jade Gooding
12 Adam Edwards
13 Andrew Secrett
14 Carl Lavender
15 Daniel Guerreiro
16 Matt Mead
17 Matthew Lowe
18 Roger Reed
19 Jack Gooding
22 Joshua Ogden
24 Brandon Ogden
25 Vicky Henley
26 Joan Lilley
27 Matt Brown
28 Kieran Price
29 Marcio Viei
30 Taran Downton
31 Thomas France
32 Louise France
33 Nick Phillips
34 Owen Thomas
35 Lloyd Thomas
36 Samuel Alexander
37 Jamie Downton
38 Gaynor Thomas
39 Meinir John
40 Rachel Marshal
41 Danielle Samuel

Wayne Davies

42 Zoe Morgan
43 Chris Marshal
44 Kelly Rowe
45 Stephen Rowe
46 Ethan Poole
47 David Poole
48 John Smith
49 Sarah Styles
50 Alfie Vincent
51 Adam Vincent
52 Corinne Clements
53 Anna Reed
54 Miles Thomas
55 Sharon Thomas
56 Lauren Alexander
57 Craig Alexander
58 Melissa Downton
59 Hilary Evans
60 152
61 Daryl Sable
62 Tomos William Edmonds
63 James Harper
64 Andy Wiggens
65 Lyn Egelstaff
66 Nina Colville
67 Lucy Peach
68 Vicky Mcreadie
69 Adelaide Dolman
70 Gaynor Stoker
71 Stacey Lewis
72 Kimmy Phillips
73 Lisa Williams
74 Claire Sandy
75 Bethan Pryke
76 Chloe Price
77 Evie Young
78 Mark Price
79 Craig Young
80 Rowan Nicholson
81 Torin Nicholson
82 David Ayres
83 David Schooling
84 Rachel Edwards
85 Megan Ayers
86 Paul Culley
87 Alfie Thompson
88 Luke Smith
89 Andrew Street
90 Melody Street
91 Asyllt Roberts
92 Ceri Davies
93 Kevin Davies
94 Katie France
95 Poppy Griffiths
96 Neil Griffiths
97 Lily Griffiths
98 Jade Macdonald
99 Paddy Sinnott
100 Shannon Sinnott
101 Caroline Piddock
102 Paula Culley
103 79?
104 Tia Culley
105 Ceri John
106 Marc Beasley
107 Charlie Gooding
108 Leon Gooding
109 Sophie Frearson
110 Jason Mcreynolds
111 Charlene Fecci
112 Jason Ronowitz
113 Jenni Thomas
114 Rhian Pugh
115 Bethan Storer
116 Bonnetta Williams
117 Emma Garland
119 Fiona Godkin
120 Sharon Price
121 Sarah Phillips
122 Katie Price
123 Bethan John
124 Ceri John
125 Amber-Tara Parker
126 Sinead Parkinson
127 Shannon Secrett
128 Abigail Phillips
129 Bethan Johnson
130 Neil Phillips
131 Mark Griffiths
132 Barry John
133 Carys Browne
134 Charlie Brown
135 Sian Robertson
136 140
137 Jack Prince
138 Simon Merchant
139 Stuart Morris
140 Rebecca Jones
141 Ffion Edwards
142 Sarah Walters
143 Emma Richards
143 to 183 The Caerphilly Tigers Woman’s Rugby Team

The Bold and Brave 10 miler

No Name
1 Jonathan Phillips
2 Daryl John
3 Huw Thomas
4 Malcolm Clash
5 Stuart McCreadie
6 John Camani
7 503
8 Kev Joyce


May 29, 2017
Brilliant fun at the really muddy weekend, will definitely be doing it again!!
Danielle Samuel
May 30, 2017
Had great time loads of fun
Gillian Mackay
June 1, 2017
many thanks for letting me take your photograph. The images can be viewed on my Facebook page Gillian Mackay@gillianmackayphotography

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