Muuk Adventures Events 2021

Events 2021

I want to stand alone in a crowd once more!

In this day and age, we cannot be certain of anything, but I am pretty certain that come 2021 we won’t all be standing shoulder to shoulder belting out national anthems in sporting arenas. Or squashed onto a starting line of a mass participation event raring to go, which is all such a shame!

Now I’m no expert and therefore might be wrong on that and there may be a huge U-turn around the corner and we are all taken back to carefree 2019. However, it would be foolish of us to sit around waiting for this to happen.

Waiting for someone to magically solve all your problems and make everything “normal” again is not wise! We must move on, change, adapt do whatever it takes to keep growing and feel like there is a purpose!

Anyway, back to the events! We have set dates for next year. There is no point in us saying at this point, this is how we are going to do X, Y and Z because we do not know what the situation will be then.

What we do know, is that we will be doing everything we can to get you out on your bike, onto the coast path and into the sea and we now have the winter to put in place plans A, B, C to make this happen

The Calendar

Please note we will not be taking any new bookings for these events until nearer the time (if appropriate) the main priority is to honour the 2020 bookings.

  • Saturday 27th March – Ras Dewi Sant
  • Saturday 24th April – Tour de Shane
  • Saturday 5th June – Welsh 3 Peaks
  • Friday 1st July – MdC – Pembrokeshire Coast Path
  • Saturday 10th July – Swim to the Edge, Solva
  • Sept Date – TBC – Abereiddy Swim Blue Monster. (To Be Published in January)
    Date TBC – Ramsey Island 3P / Half Marathon

Obviously, these are all subject to national restrictions and local lockdowns and anything else that may blindside us between now and 2021.

But there is nothing like the feeling of standing on a crowded start line, surrounded by so many people, but inside you feel alone, oblivious to those around you, knowing it is just you against the course, elements and your own fear.

Stay Safe, we really hope you have remained financially, physically and mentally healthy


Stephen Jones
October 9, 2020
As always thank you for keeping us informed during these difficult strange times.

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