A Little Reflection and time to move on

a little reflection and time to move on

A Little Reflection and time to move on

As we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 we all tend to have a little reflection on what has been, and to make plans for what’s ahead. Well 2017 wasn’t too bad at all, It was billed by Visit Wales as the “Year of Legends” we were lucky enough to work with a few of these over the 12 months! The year also saw the end of the Whitesands Challenge, (a few legends made there!) The birth of The Ramsey Island 3 Peaks, The Tour de Shane and a couple of other exciting partnerships to name but a few. Whilst on a personal note I ticked the Pembrokeshire coast Path off my bucket list!!

The Last day of the year also saw us permanently close the door on the shop, now I’m not a sentimental person, things come and they go and in the end you can’t take them with you! But experiences good, bad or indifferent stay in the head for a long time and unfortunately you can’t always pick or choose what you retain but you can have a say in what experiences you try and create!!!

In regards to the shop, it was an enjoyable experience and a massive learning curve and although there was a bit of nostalgia in clearing out the attic and office and finding things that I thought were long gone, things are just things and the overall memories of my time at 13 New Street will be.

The customers, the callers, the meetings, the morning bootcamps, The Cycling challenge, the concept 2 rowing challenge all good fun, a bit of banter and lots of good hearted inner and outer competitiveness. Also those who helped out in the early days to get it off the ground, I think as we shut the doors for the last time Ali & Lottie will remain forever more at the bottom of the sales person leader board!

These are the things that will stay with us and the things that I’ll miss and these (you) are the people we’d like to thank for the experiences and whatever ups and downs there may have been the positives definitely outweigh any negatives

The reason to relocate from the shop was a 100% well thought out and thought over business decision and as such there will not be much time to sit about reminiscing as this year is looking busy, challenging and exciting, genuinely the most excited I’ve been about a new year since the millennium! 2018 is billed as the “Year of the Sea” well it certainly will be for us! Now I could go on and on and on about what’s ahead and what’s behind but the bottom line is our event bookings for 2018 are at an all-time high, we have some exciting groups heading our way from the four corners of the world (literally) and we are rearing to go But the biggest thank you and appreciation for making all of this happen goes to our customers, sponsors, supporters and volunteers who without it just wouldn’t be. So a big Happy New Year to you all,

A Little Reflection and time to move on

Whatever your plan is for 2018 just remember we are here for a good time and not a long time! And whether your goals are sporting, physical, personal, wellbeing, business or career – You have to challenge yourself to find yourself!



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