2022 Calendar of Events (A New Dawn!) 2022 is well and truly here, we were all nervous about January coming and feared the worst from the Omicron! However now that January is about to end, there does appear to be a bit of hope and a willingness to move on from the disaster of the past two years. We hope that this is not another false dawn, and we can crack on being active and enjoying ourselves. This is not in anyway to take away the hardships that people have or are still suffering. We all have our stories to

Ras Dewi Sant 2021 – Round 1 Out of the Mist, Physical and metaphorically Now the September 2021 version of the Ras Dewi Sant, might have been a modest affair. But for us it was another milestone and another event up and running. However some things will always be the same, such as, the weather was yet again another talking point! It was warm, it was windless, but quite fitting the morning started with heavy mist and poor visibility, but as the day went on the mist raised to uncover the spectacular sights of the St Davids peninsular. A little

The Blue Monster Swim – Abereiddy 2021 In 2019, August some time I believe, We were due to run the Blue Monster Swim out of Abereiddy. Two days before, the weather forecast did not look good. We made an early call to postpone. The day came and we were proved right, there is no way a swim could have been held. Never mind we said, we’ll hold it in 2020!!! So after the busiest summer the area and that we have ever seen, I was still doubtful that this swim could go ahead in 2021. But I am delighted to

 RDS 40 Mile Ultra Marathon 2021 After 21 months of not being able to hold an event for one reason or another. It was so good to welcome back some old and some new faces. Now it would not be a Ras Dewi Sant event if we are not talking about the weather. But this event is in May, surely that will automatically mean that all will be good!!! Well, if we had held the event on Friday, that would have been awesome, if we had held it tomorrow it would have been good! But no, we held it today,

RDS 40 Mile Ultra Marathon  Date 8th May Time 0800hrs We are trying not to get too excited after so many false dawns, but it’s looking pretty good for us to get our first event in over 12 months up and running. And what better way to do it than, A 40 Mile Ultra Marathon (RDS40). A 40 mile Ultra and like all the other RDS distances it will be predominately on the Coast Path and the surrounding trails of St Davids, and of course taking you up the infamous Cathedral Steps x 2 and finishing off in Britain’s smallest

Looking for Adventure 2021 The past 12 months have been a nightmare for the mass participation events industry and we are committed to getting these back up and running and honouring all the bookings we have. This will be done when it is safe and right to do so. All specific mass participation events info is being sent out via email. So if you are booked please keep an eye out. But in the meantime, we still have a very exciting calendar for 2021 and 2022. So, if you are looking for adventure, here are a few options. Coasteering Dates

Regaining The Motivation  These are my feelings, but from the messages I have had over the year, it would appear that I am not alone. It seems a few of us have struggled recently with the motivation to train with intensity, consistently or with a purpose. Although 2020 probably gave most of us more time to train and many of us used this time positively to get out and about for daily walks, the motivation and goals to push ourselves hard may not have been there. If I am honest, Covid-19 did not sap my motivation or desire to push

MUUK-Adventures MUUK-Adventures Covid 19 Policy Introduction The long and short of it, Covid-19 caught us all with our pants down. When it struck and for the majority of 2020, We did not know what was happening and what was going to happen. And I think its fair to say that was from World Leaders down to the person on the street. For MUUK-Adventures, like every other small, medium, or large business in the tourism or Events industry it was worrying times and it still is. We had lots of prepaid bookings and lots of expenses already committed and it has

Well what a year!!! It has been 12 months of extreme, extremes. But we’ve had a real Wales Adventure, At times I was busier than ever before, then there were periods of mind-numbing inactivity. During these times, I experienced great highs and then there where days when I struggled to get out of bed and was void of any motivation and ideas. As a company, 2020 was our tenth year and to celebrate we had made lots of plans, with our group and event bookings full, the season was looking good. We had also planned to do our bit for

Events 2021 I want to stand alone in a crowd once more! In this day and age, we cannot be certain of anything, but I am pretty certain that come 2021 we won’t all be standing shoulder to shoulder belting out national anthems in sporting arenas. Or squashed onto a starting line of a mass participation event raring to go, which is all such a shame! Now I’m no expert and therefore might be wrong on that and there may be a huge U-turn around the corner and we are all taken back to carefree 2019. However, it would be