World Gone Mad Now my year review could all be about things that inspire me; the sunshine, beach and great photos but no, no and no say it as you see it!  As another year comes to an end, what can you say? The world appears to be going mad, maybe even the beginning of the end, if you are to believe some conspiracy theorist.  We seem to live in a world where complete strangers feel the need to tell people how they should live their lives or if you speak out with your opinion you are labelled!!! Certainly not

The Next Challenge As November strikes this means the end of 2018 is in sight and our thoughts start to focus on 2019 and what will our goals be for the year ahead. What will motivate you to train throughout the winter, encourage you get out there, be healthier and give you a focus through the dark and gloomy months! For some this is simple, they have clear goals for the coming year and know what they have to do to get there. If Ironman or similar is your thing, you maybe looking at a few open water swims or sportives to give you

The Amman Adventure 2018 Two weeks ago we had to postpone the Amman Adventure due to a biblical like downpour. A quick turn around meant that half the original field could not make the event, which is a shame but we thank them for their understanding and look forward to seeing the vast majority in the next TdS. For those who did make it, there seems to be one theme of conversation going around the Amman Utd Club House after the ride. That the Climb up the Black Mountain was a very windy one! and the descent was even windier with riders

The Abereiddy Swim 2018 The First staging of the Blue Monster started off with a Rainbow sprawling across the course, Which did nothing but to add to the rugged beauty of Abereiddy Bay. Which actually looked flat from the beach! But as the Swimmers headed out towards the Irish Sea, the wind definitely picked up and by the time the swimmers got back to the beach for an Aussie Exit, To head back out in a North Direction, towards the blue lagoon. The wind and chop had picked up making it feel like the swimmers were on a preverbal treadmill.

Pencarnan Run Series 2018 And finally week 4 of the Pencarnan Run Series has been and gone, it was a blustery night on the western tip of Wales and with the view of the swell breaking over St David’s Head it was a far cry from the first few heat soaked runs! But we can’t complain can we. The night also saw the championship decided It is no surprise that Tom David, kept his crown as the 3K champion. This lad had some heafty competition throughout the series from all sorts from around the UK and held his own and more on

The Little Haven Regatta Swim   As the first swimmer approached the finish line on Little Haven Slipway, the time keepers heard a voice behind them say, “Here comes the first man home” to which the timekeeper said “It could be a woman” to which the voice said “Ha Ha as if” then seconds later 21 year old Pembrokeshire girl Hollie Thomas emerges out of the water having lead from start to finish! Thomas was followed by the First Male Jonathan Harwood then 3rd and 4th place were occupied by the first male vet Kevin Wheeler and first female vet

Pencarnan Run Weeks 3 – Kids Run – Results Once again great to see so many very small ones running with their parent, family friends and grandparents. It really does promote the fun element of the Pencarnan runs. Meanwhile up in the top 3 Tom David had his toughest race of the series, With Sam Griffiths and Finley Bruce staying with him and pushing him all the way to the end. With the first lady not far behind these 3 coming in at 6th overall was Emma Grittens and about 90 seconds behind her was Tom’s younger sister Katie David

The results from STTE 2018 Solva leg of the Swim to the Edge Series (STTE) View STTE PAGE The Black Run – STTE Pos Cat Cat Pos Race No Name Town Gender Time 1 OM 1 47 Jacob Massey Aberystwyth Male 12.04 2 OM 2 73 Owen Thomas Tenby Male 12.18 3 OM 3 65 Lloyd Thomas Tenby Male 13.22 4 OM 4 39 Fin Bowie Saundersfoot Male 14.01 5 OF 1 6 Anna Bartlett Shrewsbury Female 14.05 6 OF 2 27 Clare Oshea Penarth Female 14.07 7 OM 5 48 James Oshea Penarth Male 14.3 8 OM 6 44

Pencarnan Run Series week 2 Results Week two happened to be on one of the hottest days the UK has ever seen. Luckily on the Western tip of Wales we had the sea breeze to cool matters and keep it a bit more bearable for the 80 runners that ventured down to Pencarnan Campsite. The Kids race saw the return of Tom David who pip week 1’s winner Steffan Bridger to take first place. But once again it was great to see really little ones make it around the course with parents, grandparent and even older siblings helping them. The

The Pencarnan Run Series 2018 Week 1 – We chose a straight forward course for the first run, not too hilly but with a good split of bridal way, coast path and road.  Or so we thought! Now the kids went off lead by Olympian Jaz Joyce who said I’ll act as the hare and lead them around. Then as they came into sight with about 0.5 of a K to go. The Young Steffan Bridger Was leading the pack with Jaz a good 50m behind, then she did the trade mark, head back, arched back and put on the