School Challenges One facet of our job that I really enjoy, is working with teenagers on what could be their first journey into the outdoor adventure world, watching them grow as they take on varying challenges the wild throws at them. There really is something about a challenge in the outdoors, which is a real leveler amongst teenagers. In today’s world we are all to use to having things instantly, at the touch of a button and if we do have to wait, we tend to get bored and move on to an easier or quicker path. The great outdoors

Tour de Shane 2022 Pembrokeshire Sportive Well after 3 years of planning and 2 years of deferrals, it was nice to get the Tour de Shane Pembrokeshire Sportive done. First of all, a massive thank you to all the competitors that stayed with us and turned up on Saturday to take part. The sun came out, the wind dropped, and conditions were near perfect. It was a pleasure to get to chat to so many of you and I thank you for your kind words and feedback, all of which made the wait and worry all worth it. A massive

The Swim to the Edge series 2023 New for 2023 is the Swim to the Edge Series. The series will see the competitors taking on 3 major open water swimming challenges, (The Big 3) at iconic Welsh coastal spots over the summer season. The swims are The Green Monster – Solva Swim approx 2miles The Blue Monster – Abereiddy Swim 2.2 miles The Great White – Whitesands Swim 2.4 Miles (new swim) If you enter all 3 swims you will obtain points for your position in each swim and the overall winners will obtain a special prize! Those who complete

The Blue Monster Swim 2022 Abereiddy Saturday 17th of September saw us host our end of season swim, The Blue Monster Swim at Abereiddy Bay. On the surface all looked well, but as you got about 500m offshore, the swell picked up, making it unadvisable to swim to the extremity of the bay! So we had to shorten the course and make it a two lap event, with an Aussie exit in-between laps. This gave us a 1.5mile course. Which in the conditions seemed plenty. The general feedback was – it was hard, but hard is good! It was a

Something a Bit Different Adventure Race Pembrokeshire Whilst sitting on the beach all summer long, watching our coasteerers and kayakers do their thing and constantly saying to our visitor friends, “The toilets are over there, yes the white building in the corner, look there, it’s the only building, no it’s not a house it’s the toilets” And then, in the quiet moments, reminiscing about the Whitesands Challenge and the good old days! It got me thinking!! What challenge can we do here at Abereiddy. Well Obviously, the Abereiddy Challenge! Now normally when we do such a thing, I’ll get a

Wellness and Resilience in the Outdoors The Covid years have seen more and more people heading for the outdoors, looking to escape the four walls that have been surrounding us physically and mentally. Last year we saw this first hand with the amount of staycation tourists flooding Pembrokeshire and the high demand for our activities such as Coasteering and Kayaking.  2022 has seen us at MUUK-Adventures, take this concept another step forward. We have used the experience and knowledge that we have, to put an educational package together to promote wellness and resilience in the Outdoors. We are delighted that

Ras Dewi Sant 2022 Well on the 3rd attempt we managed to get Ras Dewi Sant back to the St David’s Day weekend. With us having the usual 3 week lead up anxiety of playing Russian roulette with the West Wales storm season! We dodged a bullet this year and what a glorious day for running it was. A cold wind, not to be underestimated and a bit boggy in parts but lets not be too fussy. We do want to thank all of the runners for showing patience over the past few years, It’s been a difficult and frustrating

2022 Calendar of Events (A New Dawn!) 2022 is well and truly here, we were all nervous about January coming and feared the worst from the Omicron! However now that January is about to end, there does appear to be a bit of hope and a willingness to move on from the disaster of the past two years. We hope that this is not another false dawn, and we can crack on being active and enjoying ourselves. This is not in anyway to take away the hardships that people have or are still suffering. We all have our stories to

Ras Dewi Sant 2021 – Round 1 Out of the Mist, Physical and metaphorically Now the September 2021 version of the Ras Dewi Sant, might have been a modest affair. But for us it was another milestone and another event up and running. However some things will always be the same, such as, the weather was yet again another talking point! It was warm, it was windless, but quite fitting the morning started with heavy mist and poor visibility, but as the day went on the mist raised to uncover the spectacular sights of the St Davids peninsular. A little

The Blue Monster Swim – Abereiddy 2021 In 2019, August some time I believe, We were due to run the Blue Monster Swim out of Abereiddy. Two days before, the weather forecast did not look good. We made an early call to postpone. The day came and we were proved right, there is no way a swim could have been held. Never mind we said, we’ll hold it in 2020!!! So after the busiest summer the area and that we have ever seen, I was still doubtful that this swim could go ahead in 2021. But I am delighted to