The Blue Monster Swim – Abereiddy 2021 In 2019, August some time I believe, We were due to run the Blue Monster Swim out of Abereiddy. Two days before, the weather forecast did not look good. We made an early call to postpone. The day came and we were proved right, there is no way a swim could have been held. Never mind we said, we’ll hold it in 2020!!! So after the busiest summer the area and that we have ever seen, I was still doubtful that this swim could go ahead in 2021. But I am delighted to

 RDS 40 Mile Ultra Marathon 2021 After 21 months of not being able to hold an event for one reason or another. It was so good to welcome back some old and some new faces. Now it would not be a Ras Dewi Sant event if we are not talking about the weather. But this event is in May, surely that will automatically mean that all will be good!!! Well, if we had held the event on Friday, that would have been awesome, if we had held it tomorrow it would have been good! But no, we held it today,

RDS 40 Mile Ultra Marathon  Date 8th May Time 0800hrs We are trying not to get too excited after so many false dawns, but it’s looking pretty good for us to get our first event in over 12 months up and running. And what better way to do it than, A 40 Mile Ultra Marathon (RDS40). A 40 mile Ultra and like all the other RDS distances it will be predominately on the Coast Path and the surrounding trails of St Davids, and of course taking you up the infamous Cathedral Steps x 2 and finishing off in Britain’s smallest

Events 2021 I want to stand alone in a crowd once more! In this day and age, we cannot be certain of anything, but I am pretty certain that come 2021 we won’t all be standing shoulder to shoulder belting out national anthems in sporting arenas. Or squashed onto a starting line of a mass participation event raring to go, which is all such a shame! Now I’m no expert and therefore might be wrong on that and there may be a huge U-turn around the corner and we are all taken back to carefree 2019. However, it would be

What to Do? We know that endurance sports test not only your character, but your ability to endure physical pain and mental doubt, they teach you a lot about yourself, and give people of all abilities and walks of life the chance to achieve something special and of course – overcome your limits! Now the beauty of “going long” is that there is no short cut to achieving your goals and no cheap way to earn a finishers medal or t-shirt. These mementos and accolades or even personal satisfaction are gained one way, by doing the hard yards. The training

2021 Muuk Ultra Running Series As we come out of lock down and the disaster that has been 2020. We want to be  positive and look forward to 2021. We want to give those that like to take challenges to the next level something to aim for and reignite any loss of interest, or even build on a any new sense of motivation that has crept in over these strange times with; The MUUK Ultra Running Series. It is our aim to create an Ultra Running Series in West Wales, That will see runners battle it out over a number

Covid-19 The Ultra Marathon It is a strange old time or unprecedented as they keep saying. Personally, I find it weird. Some days are good, positive, and full of ideas. Whilst others are bad, negative, and void of motivation. Luckily, the latter are in the minority but the longer this goes on the more stress and strain we are going to be put under as Covid-19 The ultra Marathon like no other runs its course. In my mindset, I am actually treating it a bit like an Ultra Marathon. Each announcement date is an aid station, just need to get

The FFS Podcast Sean Holley  Journalist Fraser Watson, joins up with Muuk-Adventures to co host FFS Podcast. This week we were lucky enough to have Muuk-Adventure director Sean Holley to join us on Zoom whilst in lock down. Sean gaves us a great insight into the Man, where he’s come from and what the future has in store The Overview The FFS Podcast Sean Holley. Takes us on a trip down memory lane, where Sean recalls his playing days and how a horrific injury playing for Aberavon against South Africa ended his career. An event like this defines people and

The FFS Podcast #1 We have teamed up with Sports Journalist Fraser Watson to create a regular Podcast. The FFS Podcast. Why FFS ? well the simple answer is the Fintan, Fraser Show. However in this currently climate we think the saying FFS fits the bill. The FFS Podcast will be aired once a week. We will be looking to discuss all things sport and endurance event related in Pembrokeshire and further afield. We have been planning or should I say talking about this Podcast for sometime. And what a time to start it. At the beginning of the Covid

What is beyond dangerous? To Cancel or not to cancel that is the question!!!! Do you remember when weekends were called Saturday and Sunday? but in this day and age, they seem to be called Ciara, Doris, Dennis and even Jorge as named by the Spanish Met Office (And I thought Brexit meant we could name our own storms!!) When we organise an event, its done anything from 9 to 12 months in advance, At this early stage all you can hope for is that the weather is going to be kind, for the sake of the competitors and marshals.