Covid-19 The Ultra Marathon

Covid-19 The Ultra Marathon

It is a strange old time or unprecedented as they keep saying.

Personally, I find it weird. Some days are good, positive, and full of ideas. Whilst others are bad, negative, and void of motivation. Luckily, the latter are in the minority but the longer this goes on the more stress and strain we are going to be put under as Covid-19 The ultra Marathon like no other runs its course.

In my mindset, I am actually treating it a bit like an Ultra Marathon. Each announcement date is an aid station, just need to get to it and reassess where you are at. Admittedly 3 to 4 weeks between aid stations is a hell of a race. Between race aid stations we normally have our own mini battles, we crave sweets, coke, toilet, and an orange segment (or is this just me) Whilst the goals we focus on between these stations might be to make a certain time or to put physical hurdles behind us, like “That Hill” which has caused dread since you signed up!

Whilst in this covid-19 race, I also get through each segment and announcement date with setting goals. But these are the likes of

Paint the house

Cycle a total of 200 miles a week

complete XY & Z on the work front.

Some of these goals are physical and don’t require much thought, they are all about just motivating yourself to start them, then switching off and before you know it there done. However goals on the work front are a bit more difficult.

These are the metaphorical hill that you are dreading but the dread is replaced with anxiety! To complete these tasks, you need to engage the brain, be creative and focused. And these are the things that are difficult to do when you are working with an unknown finish line. Yes, we know where and when the aid stations (Government briefings) are, but we do not know the end, and these are the things that mess with your mind.

When I am doing a hard race and you are in the pain zone, another cheesy thing that keeps me going is the old saying “The pain is temporary, but the pain of quitting will last forever”
However, my fear for the Covid-19 race is that once the event (lock down) is over that is when the difficulty really starts. For businesses, taxpayers and many, many others, it will be straight into another Ultra like no other. I might be wrong but something tells me that times are going to be tough!

As in any race the better you are prepared, physically and mentally the better you will do. Not exactly a golden nugget I know, but it is what I keep telling myself to motivate me in the dark moments and to keep being pro-active.

Some of the other factors I have looked at to keep myself motivated, is inspiration from others. Amongst the worry, scare mongering and opinions on Social Media, there has also been lots of inspiring stuff going on from Clubs, individuals, and sporting stars. All good to watch and helps in lifting the spirits.

In addition to this, Myself and Fraser Watson have been doing weekly podcasts and I have to say following each interview I am totally inspired by the person we have been speaking to about their story. Whether that would be our first guest, Ironman hopeful (and so much more), Sarah Thomas. Right through to our last guest the former Wales Captain Ryan Jones. The talk with Ryan, left me and Fraser deep in thought and reflection on commitment, competitiveness and going that bit further. Made us think have we actually reached our potentials

Here is Ryan’s Podcast and a link to all other episodes.

What Am I missing the Most?

Although my Job is more of a vocation than actual work, there is stuff I do not miss. But there is far more I do miss, none more so than Coasteering, I miss getting in the sea and guiding groups around the wonderful Abereiddy Bay. I miss meeting these people, interacting with them, the banter, seeing them overcome their fears. I miss the jumping into the sea and playing around in the swell. If I am honest, I am not 100% sure when we will be able to do all of this again. Like so many other things, we will have to wait and see and will only do it when it is right. But I do miss the Coasteering.


I know there is a lot going on and we all have our own worries that in the grand scheme of things may seem insignificant to the bigger picture. We know people have lost their lives and the heart ache around this and other life changing issues must be dreadful for those involved and we feel for these people.
All we can do is follow the guidelines (crystal clear in Wales) but also look after yourself and ensure your physical and mental health is the best it can be when we come through this. Its not selfish to worry about your own issues and address theses, we just have to do them in the right way.

Covid-19 The Ultra Marathon


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