FFS Podcast Sean Holley

FFS Podcast Sean Holley

The FFS Podcast Sean Holley 

Journalist Fraser Watson, joins up with Muuk-Adventures to co host FFS Podcast. This week we were lucky enough to have Muuk-Adventure director Sean Holley to join us on Zoom whilst in lock down. Sean gaves us a great insight into the Man, where he’s come from and what the future has in store

The Overview

The FFS Podcast Sean Holley. Takes us on a trip down memory lane, where Sean recalls his playing days and how a horrific injury playing for Aberavon against South Africa ended his career. An event like this defines people and it can go either way. The mark and character of the man meant that Sean through himself into developing himself as a teacher, college lecture and Coach. His coaching career saw him become a household name with the Ospreys, Bristol and within the Wales set up. How he moved from coaching into the world of analyst and media work with the likes of BT Sport and Scrum5.

Sean talks openly about the highs the lows of professional coaching and what the future holds for him. A fascinating listen and thanks for joining us on the FFS Podcast Sean Holley.

And it will be know surprise that we will see him more often in the future. Whether this be Coasteering, Kayaking or assisting on the events with Muuk-Adventures.

From our point of view having Sean involved in Muuk-Adventures has been a great asset. Not only for his connections in the sporting world, which has seen us provide activities and adventure breaks for the likes of Shane Williams, Lee Byrne, James Hook and many more. But also his professional approach to everything he tackles.

A great guy to have on board and someone we have learned so much from.

FFS Podcast Sean Holley


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