Happy New Year – Look After Yourself!

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Happy New Year – Look After Yourself!

Christmas is done and the New Year is upon us. So how was 2022 and what will 2023 bring for us all?

like so many others that I’ve heard from, I am sat here trying to writing this after being completely wiped out with a bug over the Xmas period. To say “bug” is not really doing it justice, On the sickness scale its more like one up from man flu and that is saying something.

During this period, I have also found myself rewriting this blog 4 or 5 times, These attempts have seen me going down the routes of listing all the good things we’ve done, all the business hardships these tough and uncertain times have thrown at us and all the good things we are looking forward to in 2023. But I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled to make it flow and do justice to the good stuff.

So instead, I’m going to go down the self indulgence route and make this about myself, Saying that some of it may sound familiar, Because I can’t be the only one who feels like this.

The 2022 Review 

2022, was a year that we all came back to life, things were opened up and all restrictions lifted. However those Covid years had left its mark.

There was confusion, in the simplest of ways like, I found myself saying things like “what year is it?” or “do you remember when we did XY&Z last year” to the reply of “that was actually 3 years ago!”

But in a more sinister way the Covid years had a much deeper effect. The restrictions and isolation that we faced had taken it’s toll.

Personally I think I had become to comfortable with the isolation side of things and not having to go places or do things. I became comfortable by myself or amongst the immediate circle.

When things opened up in the early part of 2022, The anxiety ahead of this and the thought of being back in front of large crowds was starting to take its toll. I’m ashamed to say but a part of me was hoping the restrictions would remain longer!

Whilst on the other side of the Covid coin, I could not wait for it to go away. The stress created from the financial worries, the uncertainty, the political nonsense and the social media crap was also taking its toll and I just wanted it to end.

Working through Covid and answering emails were fine, especially when these were to say we didn’t know what was happening. But as it got closer to opening up I started to think, right this is going to happen and the self doubt started to creep in.

This doubt wasn’t about whether we could do the event, More to do with, is it the right thing to do, are the local community and authorities going to want it? Are we going to be criticised by some unknown random on social media and so on. I was probably thinking way to much into this, but this was the effects of the previous two years.

A simple example of how I became covid comfortable;

The wearing of masks in public, I grew attached to this! In a way I felt anonymous in going to public places such as the shops and I liked it. When we all stopped wearing the masks that’s when I felt a bit of anxiety come on and even started thinking about avoiding certain places at certain times to avoid the crowds and having to speak with people.

Moving into 2023. 

First things first, I am positive for 2023. I’ve got some exciting new projects lined up and I am determined to keep developing our events and getting them back to and better than pre-covid.

However I am also more than mindful that we are now facing new and uncertain challenges, such as the financial crises, how many weekends away can people afford.

There is also the fact that people may have lost their way or motivation to compete in events after all the uncertainty of the past few years, all the deferrals and prolonged training they have had to endure will take its toll on some no doubt.

Do it for yourself 

The one thing that gives me hope on a business front is that our events and adventures are more about the location, the personal challenges and the adventure rather than the race.

Personally as I enter 2023 I know the year will see me have my own doubts and associated problems, which inevitably lead to bad days.

My anxieties and doubts don’t just stem from covid, no they are more deep rooted than that, but Covid helped them return. So 2023 will see me practice what I preach and I will be using the outdoors and adventure to promote wellness and build resilience within myself.

How Can the Outdoors Help 

There are so many article out there about how a simple walk is good for maintaining a persons wellness and can also improve moods or relieve stress. But at times we all need reminding of this and a friendly voice to tell us to go get off our arse and get some fresh air or similar.

Building resilience is a bit different and all depends on where you are coming from.

My favourite and go to method for building resilience, Is using the theory of Maslow’s Triangle of Hierarchy. Which might sound all theoretical and off putting to the outdoor adventurer. But its very simple.

An Example. 

October 2022, We were in The High Atlas Mountains, about to ascend Mount Toubkal and in our pre conversations. I brought Maslow’s Triangle into the conversation, which was met with “What’s that”

I explained the theory behind it, Which in very basic terms is.

When we have everything taken away from us, All we care about is our basic needs but as humans, once each need is meet and we are comfortable with our lot, we become hungry want more.

The triangle is on the basis of the following 5 steps, with 1 being the base and 5 being the top.

1) Physiological Needs (Warmth, Food, Rest)

2) Safety Needs (personal security, health, home, phone/communication, income)

3) Love / Relationships (friendships, partners, groups, sense belonging)

4) Esteem (respect, self esteem, strength, status, recognition)

5) Self Actualisation (to be the best you can be and reach your potential)

I must admit the guy I was explaining this to, looked at me (pulled a face) and pretty much dismissed what I was saying, I think accusing it of “being a load of bollocks”

The hike we did that day was extreme, we were at 4000 metres and the weather was horrendous. It took us 11 hours to get back to warmth, comfort and safety after already spending a challenging night at base camp. That evening, after showering, change of clothing, having a quick nap and eating the same guy spoke to me and said, I see what you mean now about the triangle, “I experienced it”

I use the Mountains / Sea / Coast Path to challenge myself, to take myself to the edge of my comfort zone both physically and mentally. To where Those basic needs are all I can think about. This process helps me to totally clear my mind, refocus, appreciate what you have and helps to create plans on where you want to be. Yes it’s used as a basic need of survival but also highlights at the top end that if you want to reach your full potential, you’ve got to have that solid platform underneath you. You can’t suddenly jump to reaching your potential, you have to work for it!

In theory going for a 5K run would take you through the basic needs process, but a longer and more challenging adventure heightens the benefits without doubt.

I was talking to a good friend of mine just prior to Christmas about this process (He’s a big fan of it) and his take was, you only truly understand it, if you have been their and put yourself through it!

But I’ve digressed, 

Whatever your challenges or goals are for 2023, We will all have ups and downs in dealing with these or trying to achieve them.

Just remember the old analogy 

We all have two wolves’ living inside our heads. One tells us we are great and we can do anything. The other is the voice of all the woes, worries and knockers you have ever known. Both of these Wolves are fighting for your attention. Who wins? The Wolf you feed?

And just to clarify 

Wolf One, the good Wolf, he eats in the Mountains, on the Beach, in the Park, any where the sunshine’s and the wind blows.

Wolf Two, The speaker of all things bad in your head, He feeds best behind four walls when no one else is around or watching, You may never be able to stop him but make sure he only has the scrapes every now and again.

Whatever you have planned for 2023 and beyond we wish you well and hope to see you somewhere along the way, If you’ve been a customer in 2022 or in fact anytime we thank you. If you are thinking of becoming a customer we’d welcome you, if you are just looking fair enough and thank you for reading.

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