Ramsey Island Three & Six Peaks; Now we are not making claim that this is the toughest 3 or 6 peaks in the world. Or that it is the hardest 4 or 8 mile run you will ever do. But on a glorious Saturday evening in June, as the sun soaked the western tip of Wales what better event could you wish to take part in if your thing is…

Trail running, coastal views, wildlife, rib rides, hills, adventure, the basics, a challenge and you V yourself!

The build up and prep the event was a bit different. Boom TV were following us abut as they make a fly on the wall type thing on St Davids. They mic’d us up and followed us putting signs up and taking about the importance of it (or was that me getting carried away) I will be surprised if it makes it out of the editors cutting room!!

The adventure began and ended the same way by being transported to the start line via a Voyages of Discovery Rib Ride from St Justinian’s. A trip that took the competitors the infamous Ramsey sound and through the Bitches Rock formation.

Once on the Island the runners were subjected two contrasting views. The east side showing the ruggedness of the St David’s Peninsular and then the west. St Brides Bay, with The lonely figure of the Bishops light house and the beauty that is the sea. To honest I am struggling to describe with justice the beauty of the place. It is recommended as a place to visit and explore.

The  event itself was topped at 40 and sold out many months before with a number of people unfortunately missing out. Those that entered varied from Ironman veterans, to total novices to friends, families and couples. All with one thing in common. Their appreciate for the location and the uniqueness of the event.

Although it was a pretty chilled out build up and start to an event by those taking part. Once on the start line you could see the natural instinct of competitiveness and / or nerves kick in. Now to keep with the easy going tone of the event we had stated that you can do 3 or 6 peaks and you can decide on this at anytime around the course.

I think this lead to the leaders pushing the first lap and then as they got it, decided I’ll go again (well that’s what it seemed like) 2017’s 3 peaks champion Rowan Hobbs lead from start to finish and even survived Greg the wardens attempts at sabotage via sheep! To become the 2018 Six Peak Champion and now hold the record for both distances. Whilst Narberth’s Jane Rees took the inaugural ladies 6 Peaks title after some huming and aarghing after lap one.

Whilst Milford Tritons George Colville (Who I always thought was a very old man but he’s not) took the 3 peaks title and then as a cool down waited for his mate Simeon and ran around with him. The final podium position was taken by Ramsey Island Warden Lisa Morgan as the first lady on the 3 Peaks. Well done to all.

It’s also fair to say that there was a good effort from the St Davids contingent With Arthur, Steve and young Dafydd Cotton taking 2,3 and 4 in the 3 peaks with Ella Richardson and Andy Holcroft both taking 2nd in the 6 Peaks. Both of whom were being followed by our TV friends!

But this event is much more than the finishing spots it really is about the experience and it was great to see over half a dozen husband and wife teams, father and sons, brothers, sister and may other combinations take part and enjoy the Island together.


Ramsey Island 3 Peaks 2018

Position Name Category Time
1 George Colville 1 Male 32.22
2 Arthur Chambers 2 Male 34.25
3 Steve Prior 3 Male 36.17
4 Dafydd Cotton 4 Male 36.51
5 Lisa Morgan 1st Female 39.12
6 Michelle Davies 2nd Female 39.30
7 Aubrey Young 5th Male 39.44
8 Romany Colville 3rd Female 42.55
9 Noel Lyons 7th Male 43.30
10 Sarah Bruce 4th Female 43.53
11 Emrys Evans 8th Male 44.18
12 Paul Blinman 9th Male 46.17
13 Alex Bourner 5th Female 52.41
13 Andrew Bourner 10th Male 52.41
15 Rhian Sula 6th Female 53.39
16 Suzi Tarrant 7th Female 55.22
17 Emma Evans 8th Female 57.48
18 Nick Davies 11th Male 1.00.40
19 Sian Jenkins 9th Female 1.02.41
20 Thea Noble

Danni Hassle

Jamie Keeley

10th Female 1.15.15


Ramsey Island 6 Peaks 2018

Position Name Category Time
1 Rowan Hobbs 1st Male 1.06.28
2 Andy Holcroft 2nd Male 1.08.41
3 David Cascarina 3rd Male 1.10.19
4 Tim Plumb 4th Male 1.11.57
5 Greg Morgan 5th Male 1.12.48
6 Gareth Danter-hill 6th Male 1.13.27
7 Andrew Bowen 7th Male 1.14.20
8 Simeon Jenkins 8th Male 1.20.10
9 Jane Rees 1st Female 1.23.37
10 Simon Noble 9th Male 1.26.05
11 Ella Richardson 2nd Female 1.38.05
12 Josh Hawkes 10th Male 143.12
12 Star Blinman-Odell 3rd female 143.12
12 Sunny Odell 11th Male 143.12
15 Maria Galdez 4th Female 1.43.43
15 Jeff Davies 12th Male 143.43
17 Mandy Lewis 5th female 143.49
18 Tazmin Nash 6th Female 1.47.01
19 Lee Thompson 13th Male 1.55.36


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