MUUK-Adventures Covid 19 Policy


The long and short of it, Covid-19 caught us all with our pants down. When it struck and for the majority of 2020, We did not know what was happening and what was going to happen. And I think its fair to say that was from World Leaders down to the person on the street.

For MUUK-Adventures, like every other small, medium, or large business in the tourism or Events industry it was worrying times and it still is. We had lots of prepaid bookings and lots of expenses already committed and it has been hard to balance these and do the right thing by business survival and our customers. I hope we have managed to achieve this.

2021 and Beyond

Well we definitely survived and are looking forward to 2021. We are also ones who believe, “an excuse has a shelf life” and the “because of covid-19” excuse ends on 31/12/2020.

Yes of course Covid-19 will be around in 2021 and will play a massive part in how we do things and will also prevent us from doing things.

But it can not be used as an excuse for failing to deliver or failing to ensure our customers are protected.


All bookings made for activities, Events or Adventure Breaks (All MUUK Adventure Bookings) made in 2021 will be covered by a Covid-19 assurance.

If the booking is cancelled due to covid-19 we will offer one of the following (your choice)

  • A full refund
  • A deferred place / alternative date
  • A Voucher of the same value

These conditions also apply to the tier system. For example, if our event is in Pembrokeshire and we are open for business. But you are from, Bristol. And Bristol is in tier 4 / lock down or what ever other name they come up with to say you can not travel. We will acknowledge this and offer you the choice of the 3 options.


Each aspect of our activities and events have its own Covid-19 risk assessment. These are constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure they comply with the latest official guidelines.

To ensure our business is as safe as possible for our customers, staff and the local community certain changes will have to be made to how we deliver services. We will endeavor to make these as slick as possible so not to detract from giving our clients a great time and a much-needed escape from reality.

There may well be times in the coming year that we will have to close, due to official rules and regulations, We will do our best to read this and give you fair warning. This will ultimately depend on the notice we receive from Welsh Government.

In reality this is more of a message of assurance to our customers that we will do the right thing by them other than a MUUK-Adventures Covid 19 Policy, The policy is a lot more wordy!

If you have any questions about how any of this may effect you or your bookings please contact us.

The Positives 

The vast majority of our activities and events take place in the open spaces, where social distancing is easy to manage. Our business is all about healthy bodies, healthy minds and pure adventure and during these times, these are the things many of us need the most. All of this in one of the safest Covid-19 risk environments you could be in. Outdoors, Sea, Mountains, Countryside





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