Pencarnan Run Week1-Running like an Olympian

The Pencarnan Run Series 2018

Week 1 – We chose a straight forward course for the first run, not too hilly but with a good split of bridal way, coast path and road.  Or so we thought!

Now the kids went off lead by Olympian Jaz Joyce who said I’ll act as the hare and lead them around. Then as they came into sight with about 0.5 of a K to go. The Young Steffan Bridger Was leading the pack with Jaz a good 50m behind, then she did the trade mark, head back, arched back and put on the after burners. From there we had a full on race that left both gasping for breath at the end. Just behind these two were Will Phillips and Edward James both who almost collapsed over the line as well after giving it all!

Like father like daughter

The first lady in was Erica Simpson who celebrated with Ice Cream whilst she waited for her father to finish the 10K. Her father is no other than Rich Simpson the man who conquered The Marathon des Cote (The Entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path in 3 days) a few weeks ago. Taking it easy now with a mare 10K!

But as always what’s great to see on the kids run is all those little faces as they come in. Looking bewildered, happy, and sometimes disgusted!!!!


The Results Kids 3K

Pos Name Gender Time
1 Steffan Bridger Male 11.02
2 Will Phillips Male 11.05
2 Edward James Male 11.05
4 Tomos Evans Male 12.58
5 Thomas James Male 14.04
6 Max Findley Male 14.31
7 Freddie Morris Male 14.36
8 Erica Simpson Female 14.40
9 Rees Phillips Male 15.42
10 Elinor James Female 15.52
11 Jack Phillips Male 17.06
12 Lillie Philips Female 17.07
13 Mckyla Phillips Female 17.09
14 Alfie Phillips Male 20.05
15 Jaxon Morris Male 20.10
16 Eva Phillips Female 25.35
17 Alys Evans Female 27.20
18 Ciaran Wills Male 32.06
19 Caerwen Wills Male 32.07
20 Charlie Wills Male 32.10


The 5K

Now the 5K was dominated by the youngsters The Trio from St Davids RFC U15’s taking 1, 2 and 3. Although the rumour mill tells us there may have been a bit of gamesmanship going on! With the boys away on tour in South Africa for the next run. They were trying to gain joint first places to stack up the points for the leader board. Surely not boys!!! But good to see you thinking!

In 4th place it was good to see Chris Isles claiming respectability for the old boys, not that he’ll appreciate being called an old boy!

Now the first lady in was Pencarnan first timer Naomi Jones, who appeared to be quite shocked at how hard the coast path and trails are but judging by her time and position they didn’t seem to bother her too much!

I think it’s also fair to say that the last couple of 100m’s the runners could have done with a machete and jungle hat as they battled their way through the growth!!

Pos Name Gender Time
1 Kieran Owen Male 26.55
1 Fred Dawn Male 26.55
3 Will James Male 28.28
4 Chris Isles Male 29.54
5 Noel Lyons Male 30.37
6 Oliver Mustoe Male 32.03
7 Naomi Jones Female 32.22
8 Sarah Phillips Female 32.56
9 Sara Evans Female 33.06
10 Jill Bowers Female 33.55
11 Emma James Female 34.02
12 Emma Barnes Female 34.24
13 Dai Jones Male 34.50
14 Meinir George Female 41.59
14 Lucy Luke Female 41.50
16 Nicola Francis Female 42.40
17 Beth Howell Female 44.44


The 10K

The big one had a fair bit of coast path, a lovely section from Whitesand to St Justinian just to give the runners a bit of sea breeze and the great views of Ramsey Sound.

The Race was dominated from start to finish by Jack Turner a man of Gloucestershire who’s had the good sense to move to Pembrokeshire. And I’m sure it won’t be long before his name gets known on the local running circle. Now one man (Johnston’s Tom Sinton) was hot on Jack’s tail all the way around the course but took a wrong turning and ran into the finish line on 5.5 miles at just over 30mins, at which point he shouted “I’ve gone wrong” I then think Christ he’s back quick so wrongly thought he’s missed out the St Justinian Section and send him back out on the course to do another 5K (That’s what you get for being too fast!) On his return I did apologies and will do again Sorry Tom, but great effort.

First Lady in was – as usual Catherine Marks, will someone beat her this year!! It was also great to see Ramsey Island Lisa Morgan make the trip across the sound to join in. And in the mold of Tom. St Davids Emma Skeate took the same wrong turn (Mmm Sorry) but it was spotted early and she re-joined the course only going an extra .5 of a mile.


Pos Name Gender Time
1 Jack Turner Male 36.10
2 Andy Holcroft Male 41.18
3 Steve Williams Male 41.29
4 Richard Simpson Male 42.40
5 Harvey Godkin Male 44.54
6 Catherine Marks Female 45.20
7 Lisa Morgan Female 50.48
8 David Swan Male 58.47
9 Emma Skeate Female 1.03.24
10 Roger Leese Male 1.06.47
Wrong Way Tom Sinton Male But very fast.



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