Pencarnan The Finale

Pencarnan Run Series 2018

And finally week 4 of the Pencarnan Run Series has been and gone, it was a blustery night on the western tip of Wales and with the view of the swell breaking over St David’s Head it was a far cry from the first few heat soaked runs! But we can’t complain can we.

The night also saw the championship decided

It is no surprise that Tom David, kept his crown as the 3K champion. This lad had some heafty competition throughout the series from all sorts from around the UK and held his own and more on each run. His sister Katie regained the girls crown with consistency, consistency and consistency, which was a great achievement considering she is far younger than a fair few.

The 5K was a bit different especially on the ladies event. With Johnston’s Naomi Jones and St David’s Sarah Phillips battling it out till the final night. Naomi took week 1’s crown then went off on holiday to Magaluf and never recovered, whilst Sarah went off to Jazz’s boot camp and got stronger. And on week 4 Naomi Just couldn’t catch Sarah and she took the crown! But great effort from all.

The overall 5K winner for the second year running was Kieran Own. His partner in crime Fred Dorn started the series with promise and a chance of taking Kieran’s crown. But they both missed week 2 whilst in South Africa and then only Kieran returned injury free! Meaning he managed to return to the series and take 2 further wins and keep his crown. Even if week four saw him begrudgingly turn up on GCSE result night, when he had a party to go to! Dedicated to the end!!!!

The 10K ers’ female race was lead and finish all the way by Catherine Marks, with no one coming close to challenging the running machine from St David’s. However Ramsey Island Warden Lisa Morgan gave it a good shot and finished as second place female, with a great display herself.

The overall winner was a battle between the usual suspects, Alec Williams, Steve Williams, Andy Holcroft, with the likes of Steve Prior giving a good account for himself. With series champion going to Andy Holcroft with a great display of consistency up against some good runners some of whom thought it was a good idea to take holiday in the middle of the series (how dare them) some of whom went the wrong way! And at times it did feel like an orienteering series for the 10kers!!!!

And on that note we are delighted that on week 4 of the 4th year of the Run Series it is the first time that no one went wrong!!!!!!

Kids Run

Pos Name Gender Time
1 Tom David M 10:12
2 Finn Roberts M 10:39
3 Tom Edmonds M 11:43
4 Jack Roberts M 11:51
5 Zach Rose M 12:42
1 Katy David F 12:47
6 Owen Lilley M 14:33
7 James Lilley M 14:36
2 Alice Tompson F 14:39
3 Edith Rose F 14:40
4 Erica Simpson F 14:43
5 Harriett Tompson F 15:05
8 Rhys Phillips M 15:35
9 Harry Chant M 15:43
10 Tomos Evans M 16:43
6 Emily David F 16:47
11 Ioan David M 16:50
12 Jack Phillips M 17:00
13 Billy Lamb M 17:32
14 Joe Lamb M 18:27
7 Lauren Lamb F 18:28
8 Violet Lilley F 18:50
9 Myla Lamb F 22:24
10 Eva Phillips F 28:00
11 Mia Phillips F 29:33



Position Name Gender Time
1 Tobin Rose M 22:41
2 Kieran Owen M 23:24
3 Angus Rose M 23:56
1 Melanie Mather F 24:05
4 Rupert Simpson M 24:14
5 Noel Lyons M 25:33
2 Sasha Roberts F 26:11
3 Sarah Phillips F 26:16
4 Naomi Jones F 26:23
5 Sara Evans F 26:58
6 Jill Bowers F 27:03
7 Emma Barnes F 27:28
8 Hannah Thomas F 27:39
9 Liz Searle F 29:52
6 Shabir Jobanputra M 29:53
10 Lizzie Albery F 30:04
7 Patrick Wing M 32:25
11 Ruth Cadbury F 35:28
12 Sharon Price F 39:29
12 Sera Jones F 39:29



Position Name Gender Time
1 Alec Williams M 44:25
2 Andy Holcroft M 44:47
3 Steve Williams M 44:50
4 Richard Simpson M 46:08
1 Catherine Marks F 48:12
5 Chris Munton M 49:57
6 Andrew Thompson M 50:00
7 Steve Prior M 50:12
8 Rob Lilley M 50:24
9 Will Chant M 52:08
2 Lisa Morgan F 52:44
10 Ian Malcom M 53:29
11 Nick Roberts M 53:50
12 Paul Padget M 55:07
13 Chris iles M 55:30
3 Liz Lilley M 56:47
4 Felicity Hughes F 58:44
14 Alex Bidie M 58:45
15 David Swan M 1:01:28
16 Roger Leese M 1: 12



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