Something a Bit Different

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Something a Bit Different

Adventure Race Pembrokeshire

Whilst sitting on the beach all summer long, watching our coasteerers and kayakers do their thing and constantly saying to our visitor friends,

“The toilets are over there, yes the white building in the corner, look there, it’s the only building, no it’s not a house it’s the toilets”

And then, in the quiet moments, reminiscing about the Whitesands Challenge and the good old days! It got me thinking!!

What challenge can we do here at Abereiddy. Well Obviously, the Abereiddy Challenge!

Now normally when we do such a thing, I’ll get a few messages from people to say, why didn’t you do it this way? Or why didn’t you do that. The answer is, probably for good reason 🙂


The Challenge 

  • It is an Adventure Race
  • Its Only 5K!
  • Teams of Two
  • Date Sunday 18th Sept
  • Time 1200hrs

Both team members will start at Abereiddy beach on the B of the bang!

One member will run 1.5 miles on the coast path to Aber Pwll Beach (Near Celtic Camping). The other team member will Kayak to the same point (1 mile via the sea)

At Aber Pwll – They will swap over, and the first runner will kayak back, and the 1st kayaker will run back.

Once at Abereiddy Beach. The first member of the team will wait for their teammate. Once they are both together, they will run the short distance (300m) to the Blue Lagoon. From the Lagoon they will both swim together, Out of the Lagoon and back to the beach, about ½ a mile.

The total distance is 3 miles.

The Rules

There are always rules, always those who will question them, bend them, and think they do not apply to them. But these are them and they are for all, no exception!!!

The Kayaks

The kayaks used will all be the same, they are sit on tops and will be provided by us (you can use your own paddle or one of ours) Buoyancy aids are to be worn on the Kayaks. Helmets are optional, If there is surf and we deem it appropriate, we will make helmets mandatory (and supply them)

The Swim.

The Swim can be completed in skins or wetsuits, but both team members must stay together (no more than 5 metres apart) and the swimmers must finish together. (No fins or paddles)

Team / Categories

The teams can be mixed doubles, females, or males.

The maximum in any Category will be 10 teams. If we have enough, we will run Males, Females, and doubles separately. In Waves starting approximately 45 mins after each other.

So, this could be 1200hrs Males, 1245hrs Females, 1330hrs Mixed. (But will all depend on numbers)

Cost £10 per Person. BOOK HERE

Each Team member will need to sign up individually 

For this you get a use of the kayak, but all entry money goes into the pot as prize money. Basically if 10 teams enter the mixed double, The prize money will be £200, £100 each. If only 4 teams enter, you do the math!!!

To Book your place enter here. Entries will only be taken online, no reserving places because I know what you are like!!

The Weather / Sea Conditions

We hope to run this event, even if the conditions are slightly challenging and if there is a bit of surf and swell, we’ll still give it a blast, so please be mindful of that. However if the event is cancelled, because of the weather we will look to run it soon after or offer a refund, which ever you desire.

This is a Preamble and tester for a much larger Adventure Race.

June 2023 we will be holding

The Pembrokeshire Adventure Race

The Adventure Race Pembrokeshire will be the following

  • Which will see competitors (Teams of Two)
  • Run from St Davids to Porthclais (together)
  • Then, in a relay of Running and Kayaking, swapping over at pre-determined location, Making their way along the coast From Porthclais to Broad Haven.
  • At Broad Haven both participants will jump on their bikes and make their way back to St Davids.
  • A total distance of 38 miles

More details on this one to follow.

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