The 3 Peaks Ramsey Island

We are lucky to be based in one of the most stunning areas in the UK and as a result we hold events in many a spectacular location however yesterday and last night even made us sit up and marvel in the surroundings. The Ramsey Island 3 Peaks, which on paper was a 4 mile run with 659ft of Elevation. The reality however was

Meet at St Justinian, Catch a Voyages of discovery Rib across Ramsey Sound, with a diversion to have a play in the Bitches, followed by a very testing run and another exhilarating Rib Ride to return. Now if you like your runs off road, this has got to be the ultimate, I can honestly say it’s probably my favourite of all time and that say’s something.

We appreciate how lucky we are to have been granted permission to hold this event and a massive thanks goes to the RSPB and wardens Greg and Lisa Morgan for allowing it and assistance in organising it plus volunteer warden Sarah Parmore for being our guide for the day and sharing lots of interesting facts (Every day is a school day)

The race line-up was made up of Man-Up UK runners supporting Greg and Lisa’s chosen charity “Gynaecological Cancer Fund” and the St Davids RFC 1st XV supporting the same good cause. Now the 3 peaks is an official route with a course record held by the Warden himself (Greg) and stands at 33.17 which he recently stole from Pembs Tri’s Dave Astins (although he hasn’t told him so I hope he’s not reading this!)

The top 3 all fancied their chances at breaking this record Harvey lead for the first 2 miles and took a number of wrong turns and now is not speaking to the race director! But the moral of the story for all is if you are going to be out in front you need to listen to the instructions!

But dark horse Arthur (who to be fair went wrong too) sneaked ahead on the second peak and held off the youngsters challenge. however Andy the veteran who’s black and blue from is MTB past time just didn’t have enough to catch 1 and 2 and had to settle for 3rd, which I think he was happy with.

Unlike Will Chant who was beaten into 5th Place by his wife Lottie (again)

Now the rugby boys have run the course previously as part of their pre-season antics and the champion on the last occasion was Noel Lyons, who had to settle for mid table this year, Has Noel lost it or has the field just got better! although his tapering consisted of a 13 mile early morning run prior to the event.

This really was an iconic location and great course, so much so that after walking the route twice yesterday for signage and risk assessment purposes, I thought I’m going to have to run this and what an enjoyable experience it was. Looking at those who finished ahead of me I’m not too disappoint except that is for Taff, he must be secretly training!!!

Another Highlight of the evening was watching the loose and tight head props having a sprint finish with Will leaving Loshyn for head over the last 5metres.

We are planning to run this again next year in conjunction with Voyages of Discovery and the RSPB Ramsey Island or maybe as part of a bigger challenge so please keep an eye out.  As this really is a wonderful run, location and experience.

And finally if you have not been to Ramsey Island and running is not your thing, I really do urge you to take a trip and walk the route, you will not be disappointed.

Position Runner Time
1 Arthur Chambers 35.11
2 Harvey Godkin 35.30
3 Andy Holdcroft 35.35
4 Lottie Chant 36.21
5 Will Chant 38.12
6 Dafydd Cotton 39.10
7 Scott Riches / Norman Price 39.12
9 Kurt Buchanan 45.15
10 Sara Jones 45.15
11 Noel Lyons 45.29
12 Lisa Morgan 45.36
13 Taff Williams 46.18
14 Steve Regan 46.25
15 Carlos Evans 47.30
16 Fintan Godkin 47.48
17 Sarah Parmore 48.11
18 Dafydd Williams 53.30
19 Will Davies 56.52
20 Rhys Loshyn Price 56.53
21 Eirian Harries 58.12
22 Jon Reilly 58.53
23 Ben Evans 1.00.03


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