Blue Monster 2022 Swim Result.

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The Blue Monster Swim 2022


Saturday 17th of September saw us host our end of season swim, The Blue Monster Swim at Abereiddy Bay. On the surface all looked well, but as you got about 500m offshore, the swell picked up, making it unadvisable to swim to the extremity of the bay! So we had to shorten the course and make it a two lap event, with an Aussie exit in-between laps. This gave us a 1.5mile course. Which in the conditions seemed plenty.

The general feedback was – it was hard, but hard is good!

It was a small field with quite a few last minute withdrawals but for us it was good to get another event on and clear the last of the Covid deferrals. And for the good folk swimming, another step back towards event fitness and another chance to congregate with like minded people in a great spot like Abereiddy Bay.

The Was claimed by the 0ver 50’s – With Paul Grunhut, being first male over the line and Karen Lance the first female.

But a massive thanks to all who rocked up to take on the challenge and not to be put off by a few waves, and thanks to all the marshals on the especially the two Jeff’s aged 65 and 55 and still keen to get out on the water as marshals after about 100 years of service between them.

Saturday also saw the Blue Lagoon shut to protect the seal pups, this is likely to be a seasonal thing so Next year The Blue Monster Swim will be slightly earlier in the season to allow us to use the the great theater, which is the blue lagoon.

First Female – Karen Lance
The blue monster swim, muuk adventures, abereiddy swimming
First Male – Paul Grunhut


The Blue Monster Swim 17th September 2022
No Name Gender Time Position Gender position Category Category postion
26 Paul Grunhut Male 32.55 1st 1st M50+ 1st
33 Sior Jones Male 38.2 2nd 2nd OM 1st
25 Adrian Morris Male 38.4 3rd 3rd M50+ 2nd
31 Rob Scott Male 40.1 4th 4th OM 2nd
12 Huw Davies Male 40.2 5th 5th OM 3rd
15 Jeff Richards Male 40.4 6th 6th M50+ 3rd
35 Tom Jones Male 41.4 7th 7th OM 4th
36 William John Male 42.44 8th 8th M50+ 4th
17 Karen Lance Female 43.16 9th 1st F50+ 1st
29 Phillip Cushion Male 43.42 10th 9th OM 5th
3 Anthony Williams Male 43.58 11th 10th OM 6th
13 Ian Denning Male 44.16 12th 11th M50+ 5th
10 Fran Llyn Female 44.3 13th 2nd OF 1st
28 Peter Taylor Male 45.17 14th 12th OM 7th
1 Adam Young Male 45.22 15th 13th M50+ 6th
23 Matthew Jenkins Male 46.2 16th 14th OM 8th
2 Alun Edwards Male 47.37 17th 15th M50+ 7th
11 Gwyn Watson Male 49.4 18th 16th OM 9th
34 Stuart Kerr Male 50.55 19th 17th OM 10th
20 Lesley Evans Female 51.4 20th 3rd F50+ 2nd
30 Phillip Macdonald Male 51.45 21st 18th M50+ 8th
5 Chris Price Male 53.05 22nd 19th OM 11th
14 Jay Sharma Male 53.45 23rd 20th M50+ 9th
16 Julie Forrester Female 56.03 24th 4th F50+ 3rd
37 Micheal Sabiston Male 56.3 25th 21st OM 12th
32 Scott Cartwright Male 58.25 26th 22nd OM 13th
27 Peter Brace Male 32.25 (1 lap) 27th 23rd M50+ 10th


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