The FFS Podcast #1

We have teamed up with Sports Journalist Fraser Watson to create a regular Podcast. The FFS Podcast. Why FFS ? well the simple answer is the Fintan, Fraser Show. However in this currently climate we think the saying FFS fits the bill.

The FFS Podcast will be aired once a week. We will be looking to discuss all things sport and endurance event related in Pembrokeshire and further afield. We have been planning or should I say talking about this Podcast for sometime. And what a time to start it. At the beginning of the Covid 19 lockdown phase. Which sees no sport or events taking place.

However at least it meant we actual had the time to get the ball rolling! with the discussions being around what this virus will mean for Pembrokeshire sport and events. We are also mindful that this virus has had a massive effect on peoples lively hoods, businesses and jobs and to those who are extremely unfortunate to their health. These are the people who matter at the moment. But we were reviewing the longer lasting effects this nightmare situation will have on all things we love to do, watch and facilitate.

We have tried to keep it light hearted and honest

Tough times are ahead but we ask that you all look after yourselves and each other. Especially your mental and physical health. We will come through this so hang on!

During the next few weeks we will be interviewing people, so if you have a story to tell on sports and or endurance events. What motivates you, what challenges lie ahead and how you are coping with lock down. Let us know.

Here’s The FFS Podcast #1

To be honest we were lucky to get this one out. With the lock down coming we lost our venue and had technical issues. But I think we’ve just about managed to pull it off.

Week 2

The FFS Podcast saw us chat with local lady, Sarah Thomas. Due to the fact that the nation is on lock down, we had to be inventive and do this with a 3 way wattsapp call. Sarah is a Mother in her early 40’s a former Welsh Champion in Swimming whilst in School but like so many drifted away from sport through her 20’s and 30’s to concentrate on family life. But once the kids had fled the nest she used her new time found time to partake in events, which has ended with signing up for Ironman Wales. A lot of this is also fuelled by her charity work she does for a young girl and family friend (Belle Curran) that tragically passed away last year. We discussed this, her own confidence issues and how Covid 19 is affecting training, events and motivation. Great to catch up with Sarah and have her on.

FFS Podcast #2


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