Ramsey Island Peaks Challenge

Ramsey Island 3 & 6 Peaks Challenge 2019 

The Ramsey Island Peaks Challenge

It was great to be back on the Island for what is becoming our annual run around it and it’s peaks. After postponing the July Ramsey Island Peaks Challenge due to the sea state yesterday really was ideal conditions. The Sun was out but cooler temperatures meant it was a bit more bearable. However it is easy for me to say that from my position of sitting on top of Peak 3 enjoying the sea breeze. As everyone else who reached me was blowing, sweating and walking. But to be fair that last peak is vertical.

Now although this is a running event, it is much more than that, we start off with a great Rib ride across the Sound by Voyages of Discovery onto the RSPB owned Island which is not only physically stunning but such an important location for marine and aerial wildlife.

The event itself was a mixture of very good runners, runners and those who really just wanted to experience the Island. And in some cases these mixture of people were all rolled into one. Take Caroline Kovachev, first lady in on the 6P who after an extremely quick 3P took over an hour to do the second leg, because she was stopping at every point to admire the view. And the same for Emyr Afan who virtually walked and videoed the whole route in awe of the scenery.

However Andy Holcroft wasn’t hanging around, a veteran of our Events was too much this year for previous champion, Bridgend’s Russel Hobbs. And took the 6 Peaks title. We are not sure if it is a record or not. As it appears that since loosing his crown, Greg the warden is not to fussed on keeping track!!

Whilst the 3P Ladies crown went to warden Lisa Morgan (Again I believe) and the men’s went to Michael Bool.

Thank you for everyone who took part in the event, Lisa and Greg of the Island and the other RSPB Volunteers that assisted and our own and Voyages of Discovery crew and finally we are really pleased to have been able to make a donation of £600 to the RSPB from the events.

Ramsey Island 3 and 6P Results 2019

The Ramsey Island Peaks Challenge



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