Tour de Shane Pembrokeshire 2022

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Tour de Shane 2022

Pembrokeshire Sportive

Well after 3 years of planning and 2 years of deferrals, it was nice to get the Tour de Shane Pembrokeshire Sportive done.

First of all, a massive thank you to all the competitors that stayed with us and turned up on Saturday to take part. The sun came out, the wind dropped, and conditions were near perfect. It was a pleasure to get to chat to so many of you and I thank you for your kind words and feedback, all of which made the wait and worry all worth it.

A massive thankyou to those who worked with us on this and made it happen. Especially Celtic Camping for stepping in as the venue, we certainly hope to be back there next year and to The Paddock Farm Shop for the Aid Station. Now that went down a treat, and I genuinely think you could knock 30 mins of everyone’s time as no one was in a hurry to leave there. If you like cycling around Pembrokeshire, this place is definitely worth adding to your list of pit stops.

Olorun Sportswear for yet again another great T-shirt, With great service as usual. And of course, all the staff that assisted on the day and the 3 Motor bikers who helped monitor and assist the riders throughout the day.

Finally, Shane himself for coming down and riding the event, in his bid to keep fundraising for Velindre Cancer Centre, we will have the details of the amount raised in good time.

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Now it wasn’t a race and wasn’t treated as one. Saying that, it certainly wasn’t an easy ride, it had some tough climbs, but if you want the best views and sights in Pembrokeshire, you are going to have to deal with the hills!! So, a massive well done to all those who completed it, you should have a great sense of achievement. Here are the timings.

Tour De Shane 50 Mile Sportive 8th Oct 2022
No. Name Time Position
97 Mark Robinson 3.47.50 1st
125 Scott Malson 3.49.20 2nd
142 Michael Harries 4.04.24 3rd
139 Andrew Howells 4.04.31 4th
143 Beverley Barrett 4.11.26 5th
144 Colin Barrett 4.12.47 6th
150 Julian  Kelly 4.14.51 7th
63 Morgan Webb 4.14.51 8th
121 Bryony Stanfield 4.18.35 9th
122 Steve Stokes 4.18.35 10th
65 Osian Sutton 4.23.30 11th
Mark Price 4.23.31 12th
Caz Price 4.23.33 13th
116 Simon Elliett 4.26.47 14th
103 Steve Douglas 4.37.51 15th
102 Paul Potter 4.38.47 16th
130 Jamie Downton 4.40.42 17th
100 Lisa Tustin 4.48.39 18th
140 Nicki Powell 4.48.39 19th
142 Hayley Harries 4.48.39 20th
86 HC Davies 5.05.25 21st
123 Jodie Hughes 5.15.01 22nd
124 Nicola Thomas 5.15.01 23rd
75 Kathryn Thomas 5.20.25 24th
120 Alex Walspy 5.20.25 25th
Jenny Quinn 5.22.05 26th
Jessica Ham 5.22.05 27th
74 Dean Bufton 5.29.44 28th
79 Martyn Powell 5.29.44 29th
107 David Jones 5.42.42 30th
108 Janet Brown 5.42.42 31st
106 Abigail Clayton 5.42.42 32nd
119 Sarah Tagg 5.42.42 33rd
109 Jess West 5.42.42 34th
131 Lauren Alexander 5.58.47 35th
133 Melissa Downton 5.58.47 36th



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Looking forward to the Next Tour de Shane Pembrokeshire in 2023!

For More Details See Tour de Shane Pmebrokeshire РMuuk-Adeventures 



Tour De Shane 70 Mile Sportive 8th Oct 2022
No. Name Time Position
137 Collin Williams 4.36.02 1st
138 Richard Jenkins 4.38.47 2nd
91 Andrew Pearce 4.54.19 3rd
88 John Jones 4.54.49 4th
92 Ryan Wooly 4.54.49 5th
83 Chris Stevens 5.06.00 6th
62 Paul Lewis 5.06.00 7th
89 Mathew Kelly 5.10.47 8th
94 Mike Lanfeer 5.34.22 9th
82 Lyn Jones 5.34.22 10th
96 Steven Williams 5.41.42 11th
136 Marc Beasley 5.42.05 12th
98 Elizabeth Williams 5.42.05 13th
128 Dean Williams 5.49.04 14th
129 Shane Williams 5.49.04 15th
126 Gareth Llewelyn 5.49.04 16th
146 Jason Senchal 5.50.42 17th
147 Steven Liles 5.50.42 18th
113 Rich Baldwin 5.51.14 19th
115 Richard Cook 5.51.14 20th
145 Richard Williams 5.52.07 21st
78 Jonathon Jones 5.53.10 22nd
132 Gerwin Richards 5.56.10 23rd
72 Chris George 6.02.15 24th
95 Gareth Edwards 6.04.28 25th
127 Jamie Morgan 6.27.27 26th
117 Aled Nicholas 6.29.18 27th
118 Martyn Davies 6.29.18 28th
111 Keri Bryant 6.36.47 29th
110 Robert Webster 6.36.47 30th
112 Jonathan Evans 6.38.02 31st
73 Phillip Baily 6.38.02 32nd
84 Joseph Saltana 6.38.02 33rd
85 Kristian Rapson 6.38.42 34th
114 Andrew Bailey 6.38.42 35th
80 Jonathan Gomez 6.41.12 36th
148 Chris Herbet 6.43.52 37th
87 Stephen Johnson 6.49.12 38th
81 Andrew Owen 6.49.12 39th
105 Richard Loh 7.01.02 40th
104 Mark Johnson 7.01.02 41st

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John Reffell
October 10, 2022
Great to see the ride was a success ?. Gutted I missed it due to illness but hopefully next year ?
October 12, 2022
Thank you, John, Hope to see you next year.
October 27, 2022
There were several people taking photos as we returned at end of ride, are these available anywhere or were they just personal ones?
November 16, 2022
Sorry Steve, there were a few photos taken on a mobile phone, but they were not all usable, the best of the bunch was put on the SM FB page. Next year we will have a camera person there

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