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The Following are posts relating to Tour de Shane – Pembrokeshire Sportive, which will hopefully answer all your queries and FAQ Below that is the safety Briefing – Please Read

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Safety Brief 2019

In agreeing to take part in the Tour de Shane the following safety briefing is a must read – Thank you

This is a Sportive – On open roads

  • It is not a race and no prizes are given for the position you finish.
  • When riding on the road/course you must ride within the rules of the Highway Code and the road traffic act. For example
  • You must give way at junctions
  • Follow correct procedure at roundabouts
  • Adhere to temporary or permanent traffic management instruction such as traffic lights
  • Ride on the left hand side of the road

Being courteous

  • Please do not ride more than 2 abreast
  • If you see or know that there is a build-up of traffic behind you please let them pass
  • Do not litter no gels or similar to be discarded
  • Use the public toilets on route – If you are caught short – be discreet!!!


The route is sign posted by large yellow signs with a black arrow please follow these (As below)

We will also have marshals at certain points to assist with directions and to act as extra safety but please be mindful these marshals have no power to stop traffic and it is still your responsibility to check the route is clear and safe to proceed.


Personal Safety

We recommend that you carry inner tubes / repair kit / pump to should you get a puncture.

We will have mobile persons around the course that can assist with minor issues and they will have some spare tubes (but again limited sizes so best to carry what you know that fits)

Should any mechanical / injury of fatigue issue prevent you from carrying on we will have a vehicle that can come to you and return you to the start.

If you have an accident or see someone who has an accident. Please call the number below and assistance will be sent straight away. Please help anyone you see in difficulty!!!

The weather is looking favourable but please check this for yourself and dress appropriately with the appropriate supplies you need such as wind proof jack, hat, gloves as cold can set in quickly if you have to stop for any length of time.

Telephone Numbers to ring in for assistance

Fintan 07855954702

Carwyn 07890756772

We can almost guarantee that we will received at least one phone call/email to complain about cyclist being on the road. As we are all cyclists and motorist! please be respectful to others, if someone wants to verbally let you know that they are displeased with you or the amount of cyclists please ignore and turn the other cheek!!!! The vast, vast majority of people are supportive and decent – don’t rise to it, don’t initiate it!! and just enjoy the day


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