The inaugural Tour de Shane has come and gone and what can we say, first of all we are really pleased with the way it went, the turn out, the support from sponsors and volunteers, the attitude of the riders and even the weather (no hail showers at the St David’s base camp) was all really positive

We were absolutely delighted and feel privileged to have staged this event for Shane and supporting him in his efforts to promote and fundraise for Velindre and thank him for bringing the Tour de Shane down to the western tip of Wales. The event, the area, the charity and Shane managed to attract a wide and diverse crowd from all corners of Wales and from across the border with the Midlands and Lincolnshire being represented to name a few

But we are a fussy bunch and immediately after the last rider was home, the debrief commenced and it was all about how we can take the event forward and do it all again next year only better. This initial debrief continued into the early hours down the Bishops where it was great to be joined by several riders who were making a weekend of it in Britain’s smallest City and as always it was great to hear their views and opinions and as the night went on the handshakes, turned to back slapping and then into hugging and that’s where it stopped!

The ride it’s self

The Briefing was meant to start at 0745hrs but we delayed it by minutes to allow for Rugby legend Ian Gough to arrive, Goughie and his mate thought it would be a good idea to Cycle from Kilgetty to St David’s, do the tour and cycle back (140miles) I suppose it’s an attitude like that that wins you 64 caps for your Country! And as Sean Holley passed him on Newgale Hill he shouted “don’t start without me” so we gave in a few minutes, the least we could do

The main message we hammered across is that it is a sportive and not a race and whilst waiting for the start you could see the West Coast Triathlon boys looking sharp, focussed and athletic! And to be fair they dominated the top section of the event, but they weren’t racing that’s just the pace they cycle at, averaging 18 to 20 mph for 70 miles of 5,500ft of elevation is the norm!

First home for the day was Catherine Marks on the 50 miler, she didn’t even look out of breath and just turned her bike around and said “thank you I’m off home now” Catherine is super fit these days, having spent the winter doing early morning boot camps in St David’s – Which we hear are great!!!

Whilst the top 3 back on the 70 were all within seconds of each other on 3hrs 33mins – David Cole, Tom Ellis and Scott Patrick who to be fair wouldn’t look out of place himself on a professional rugby pitch despite his age!

But it’s a sportive

The Course was designed with a sportive in mind, we didn’t want to make it quick main roads we wanted to show what the area has to offer, the best views and quaintest little villages, and the reality is that the best locations and views are seldom on the beaten track! And fishing villages tend to be at sea level and views tend to be on high ground so it’s fair to say there was a bit of climbing!!

And during our debrief in the Bishops we all agreed that an event like a sportive should be a challenge and take you out of your comfort zone, something you train for, aim to achieve a ride you may not do by yourself but as a challenge to take on (at your own pace) with a group of likeminded people! Some of the feedback we’ve had about the course and the scenery has been first class, which is always great to hear. And we really do get a buzz out of people being brave enough to have a go and it very much is about your own journey. Even if you have to push the bike up a few hills it doesn’t matter.

Another inevitability about events and especially long ones is that people will go wrong, we try very, very hard to ensure this doesn’t happen and even then the reality is we hope it is kept to a minimum. There were only a couple of mishaps, which we hope didn’t affect people to much, and is something we always look at and rectify (if appropriate) but when one of these people is a local lad of 40 something years, one of our helpers and he still gets lost from the Cross Square to the Rugby Club there really is no hope! That now explains all those games of rugby he failed to show up for over the years!!!

Another of the highlights of the day if not the highlight is seeing all the cyclists return, with smiles of achievement or relief on their faces, some with a lumps, bumps and bruises and the stories of how they got them a few with cramp but all safe and extremely happy! There were a few DNF’s and you have to feel for those who had mechanical faults within the last few miles; it is frustrating. Or even local fella John Rees stuck in top gear at the bottom of Goodwick Hill and decided to return to St Davids (15miles) in this gear quite a feat for a man of his age!!!! One injured lad from Aberystwyth had a bit of treatment and helped out on the finish line for about 30 mins – great job and attitude.

And no one set the Sportive standard more so than Shane, who took it easy, rode with his friends, spoke other competitors on his way around enjoying the aid stations and scenery



And finally a massive thank you to the following, who as always were amazing, they just get on and do it and make life so much easier for us, many of whom covered some distance around the county to make things happen

  • The Marshals / Registration – absolute great job (Harvey and his mates were delighted that Shane said what a good job they were doing! Or as the youngsters said “bossing it”)


  • Mobile support and Biker Andy Iceton (Adrian went to his house picked up his own cleats and gave them to distressed rider, now that’s service)


  • Media – Great video and shots by The Pencarnan crew of 3sixtyTyDdewi Productions thank you so much.
  • Frank Whittle Photography Please view the great Shots CLICK HERE


  • James Holley running the shop and fundraising for Velindre



  • Bierspool Cycles Pembroke Dock for their attendance and the goody bag, so much positive comments on the goody bag! And don’t forget your 15% off in the shop with the voucher.



Richard Cotton Designs for the logo yet again another classic

Richard Davies Catering great job as usual

SW Sport Therapy – I heard a few screams, good pain relieving screams!

And they say there is always one! Only one person came flying into the finish like drag racer, slammed on his breaks did an endo, almost catapulted the railings, I thought “who is this idiot” only for him to shout “alright butt” Solva’s very own Evel Knievel however he did buy us all around afterwards so not such a bad bloke after all!

And to quote Carwyn “I was gutted when they were all heading off, really wanted to do that one” sums it up great social event that you’d love to be out on the course amongst all the riders


The Results

Please if there are any queries please email us and we will rectify them (note strava times maybe be different as sometimes they remove stop times!)

Also if you want your club entered by your name just email.

Date: 1-APR-2017 Event: Tour De Shane 50 Miles

No Name Gender Club Time
55 Catherine Marks Female 2.59.52
163 David Mark Wood Male 3.05.01
1 Mathew Adams Male 3.05.02
246 Dave Davies Male 3.06.35
209 Jo Jones Female 3.10.05
208 Ben Collier Male 3.10.05
7 Andrew Bourner Male 3.10.47
76 Andy Shaw Male 3.10.47
217 Barri Davies Male 3.10.47
56 Nicky Mason Male 3.13.56
252 Lisa Mead Female 3.16.06
185 Bryanie Allsworth Female 3.18.55
225 elizabeth williams Female 3.18.59
237 Robert Silcox Male 3.19.00
197 Leeroy Mason Male 3.19.30
253 Matt Mead Male 3.21.30
226 jonathan williams Male 3.21.59
198 Jamie Williams 3.27.18
199 Eugene Mason 3.27.20
75 Paul Sanders Male 3.27.26
192 Jon Trevitt 3.29.29
35 Stephen Evans Male YDSOB 3.29.39
86 Richard Mackin Male 3.32.36
124 Steven Rodriguez Male 3.32.58
250 stuart palmer Male 3.33.08
230 andrew webb Male 3.36.08
275 SR Hall Male 3.43.06
92 Mike Williams Male 3.46.49
144 Huw Thornton Male H/west Hornets 3.47.30
172 Jonathan Evans Male 3.47.40
241 Taran Richards Male 3.47.40
240 Justin Richards Male 3.47.40
227 Stuart Evans Male 3.49.02
202 Paul Tucker Male 3.51.25
204 Emma Townsend Female 3.51.30
70 Gareth Rees Male 3.53.25
207 Alan Murphy Male 3.53.25
200 Robert Bush Male 3.54.20
175 Dom Edwards Male 3.54.22
140 Arwyn Thomas Male 3.54.22
264 Nick Johns Male 3.54.39
94 Craig Young Male 3.57.11
25 Owen Griffiths Male 4.01.48
58 Wyn Morris Male 4.01.48
91 Daniel Williams Male 4.01.48
216 Nia Davies Female WCT 4.05.19
259 Lawrence Kneath Male 4.05.19
260 Julian Kelly Male 4.06.21
47 Rhydian Jones Male 4.06.50
262 Joanna Jones Female 4.06.50
4 John Bates Male 4.07.23
195 Bryan Heard Male 4.12.24
80 Andrew Thomas Male 4.13.10
244 Simon Rees Male 4.13.20
114 Heather Randall Female 4.14.33
6 Mark Bean Male 4.14.33
64 Alan Phillips Male 4.14.33
282 Martyn Brown Male 4.17.31
193 Jack Davies Male 4.20.02
72 Eirian Jones Male 4.24.33
73 Tim Jones Male 4.24.33
177 Neville Davies Male 4.24.33
206 Emyr Jones Male 4.27.04
178 Martyn Davies Male 4.38.09
257 Alison Lewis Female 4.38.39
210 Dan Lewis Male 4.38.39
188 Richard White Male 4.41.12
201 Julie Allison Female 4.42.30
167 Alex Griffiths Female 4.43.00
168 Phil Griffiths Male 4.43.00
239 Paul Thomas Male 4.46.50
17 Iestyn Evans Male 4.47.55
8 Janet Brown Female 4.48.02
171 Claire Ford Female 4.49.21
229 Amy Yarney Female 4.49.21
235 Emma Tambling-Baker Female 4.49.21
211 Julie Bradford Female 4.49.21
184 Karen Bayliss Female 4.49.21
13 Marc Chandler Male 4.54.11
74 Bev Rodriguez Female 4.57.20
3 JULIAN ARTHUR Male 4.57.20
18 Helen Evans Female 4.59.54
71 Maiz Rich Female 4.59.54
232 Claire Warner Female 5.06.04
265 Gareth John Male 5.07.54
169 Michael Griffiths Male 5.07.54
180 Tom Crosby Male 5.07.54
267 Byron Howells Male 5.07.54
34 catherine Heard Female 5.10.55
69 Jennifer Rees Female 5.10.55
10 Robert Bush Male 5.14.31
258 Molly Lewis Female 5.17.35
274 Keith Hall Male 5.21.28
78 Stephen Sutton Male 5.25.20
81 Meirwyn Thomas Male 5.25.20
281 David Evans Male 5.25.20
85 Tina Weake Female 5.36.38
170 Sandra Gash Female 5.47.07
245 Vicki Price Female 5.59.46
265 Gareth John Male 5.59.46
299 David Thomas Male 6.01.39
233 Steve Warne-Thomas Male 6.01.40
43 Roy Jones Male 6.10.28
277 Rhys Griffiths Male 6.35.38
278 Rob Griffiths Male
251 Roland Nicholas Male 6.47.07
298 Merion Nicholas Male 6.47.08
181 Gary Bury Male DNF
269 Paul Hole Male DNF
268 Caroline Hole Female DNF
187 William Pritchard Male Derailleur snapped with2miles to go – 47.2 miles 3.45.44
178 Martyn Davies Male Time not recorded
256 Caryl Lewis Female Time not recorded
255 Helen Macdermott Female Time not recorded

Date: 1-APR-2017 Event: Tour De Shane 70 Miles

No Name Gender Club Time
15 David Cole Male Cycle Specific 3.33.18
29 Tom Ellis Male 3.33.20
101 Scott Patrick Male WCT 3.33.40
218 Huw Jones Male WCT 3.40.08
48 Rhys Harries Male WCT 3.40.12
242 Tom Jones Male WCT 3.51.55
212 Liam Bradley Male 4.01.30
27 Martin Edwards Male  WCT 4.09.58
148 David Vittle Male  WCT 4.09.58
96 Mathew Newman Male 4.09.58
196 Ant Hayward Male 4.12.52
151 Mark Whitby Male 4.12.52
22 Simon Davies Male 4.12.52
142 Ifan Thomas Male 4.13.34
37 Daniel Farmer Male 4.21.19
46 Sharon Groom Female 4.24.34
77 Gareth Kelsall-hughes Male 4.24.34
129 Garry Shephard Male 4.27.38
42 Lee German Male 4.27.38
95 Lee Murray Male 4.28.20
150 Kyle Wheeler Male 4.29.30
247 Daryl John Male 4.29.30
157 Russell Williams Male 4.29.40
228 Lewis Murray Male 4.29.40
67 Geraint Jones Male 4.30.00
108 Carl Platel Male Fit for Life 4.36.22
107 Helen Platel Female Fit for Life
146 Jonnie Treharne Male 4.36.30
279 Rob Allen Male 4.39.29
23 Andrew Devonald Male 4.39.29
111 Mathew Pritchard Male 4.39.29
244 4.39.44
87 Simon Thomas Male Narberth Dynamos 4.40.07
194 Steve Williams Male Man-Up UK 4.42.32
118 Jane Rees Female Narberth Dynamos 4.42.41
39 Neil Flynn Male 4.42.41
236 steve kriescher Male 4.46.49
113 Daz Quinn Male 4.47.28
28 Gareth Edwards Male 4.48.45
93 James Morris Male 4.50.18
89 David Miners Male 4.50.29
20 terry davies Male 4.50.38
221 Johnny Sable Male 4.55.54
186 Matthew Kelly Male 4.56.31
153 Sharon Whitehouse Female 4.56.34
65 Adam John Male 4.58.22
135 Owain Thomas Male 4.58.39
136 dorian thomas Male 4.58.39
119 Rhys Richards Male  WCT 4.58.39
157 Russell Williams Male 4.59.15
68 Alan Jones Male 4.59.24
128 Daniel Sheen Male 4.59.30
166 John Dove Male 5.02.41
213 Jack Ackerman Male 5.02.41
224 Juliana Morgans Female 5.03.43
280 Martin Akehurs Male 5.03.43
52 Wayne Haycocks Male 5.03.55
141 Andrew Thomas Male 5.04.09
203 Matt Antony Male 5.05.21
254 Tim Hopkins Male 5.05.21
49 Ralph Harris Male 5.05.21
132 Owain Strange Male 5.05.21
83 Ian Lloyd Male 5.05.21
63 Dan Jermin Male 5.05.21
152 Celia White Female 5.06.52
191 Mandy Lewis Female 5.06.52
84 Roland Luke Male 5.07.07
33 Dafydd Evans. Male 5.07.32
125 Stephen Rogers Male 5.09.04
45 Paul Groom Male 5.09.04
130 MIKE SHERMAN Male 5.09.27
36 Richard Fallows Male 5.13.20
134 Gareth Thomas Male 5.13.20
113 Daz Quinn Male 5.18.55
283 Jared Gethin Male 5.18.58
284 Jonathan Rees Male 5.18.58
21 Allan Davies Male 5.19.30
143 Steven Thompson Male 5.19.30
243 Gavin Jones Male 5.19.30
219 Keith Hanford Male 5.19.30
174 Nigel Cuthbertson Male 5.19.30
14 David chapman Male 5.19.55
115 Eirian Rees Male 5.19.55
11 Shane Williams Males 5.19.55
137 Carwyn Thomas Male 5.19.55
38 Craig Flannery Male 5.19.55
220 Edward Howells Male 5.22.54
139 Paul Thomas Male 5.22.54
120 Scott Richards Male 5.26.11
90 Peter Morgan Male 5.26.22
166 Ian Gough Male 5.26.35
88 Martin Meadham Male 5.26.35
100 Andy Parr Male Cra@p Tri 5.27.24
131 Lee Skone Male Cra@p Tri 5.27.36
158 Rich Williams Male 5.27.55
231 marcelle mackay Female 5.30.30
30 Catherine Etchell Female 5.30.30
10 Julie Bland Female 5.30.31
9 John Bland Male 5.31.16
112 Andy Purkiss Male 5.33.32
51 Sarah Hawkins Female 5.33.32
59 Andrew Hugman Male 5.33.33
19 Ifan Davies Male 5.35.30
160 Paul Williams Male 5.36.50
31 Chris Evans Male 5.36.50
214 Steven Keating Male 5.36.50
182 Ian Bartlett Male 5.36.50
215 Anne Picton Female 5.44.10
110 David Powell Male 5.46.10
147 Marc Twigg Male 5.46.10
109 simon powell Male 5.54.20
205 Geraint Hughes Male 5.54.20
57 Gwenllian Hughes Female 5.54.30
5 sarah arthur Female 5.54.30
61 Mark James Male 5.56.32
41 Chris George Male 5.56.32
223 Terry Morgan Male 5.58.02
162 Jason Wood Male 5.58.02
122 james roach Male 5.58.11
190 D G Lewis Male 6.00.00
121 Gerwyn Richards Male 6.04.33
66 Dan Jones Male 6.08.04
149 Karl Weake Male 6.10.48
32 Anthony Evans Male 6.10.49
183 Julie Arthur Female 6.18.06
24 Rhys Diego Male 6.19.33
123 Daniel Roberts Male 6.19.33
105 Tim Phillips Male 6.26.26
133 Gavin Stubbings Male 6.26.26
127 Mark Sansum Male 6.38.50
12 Mark Bray Male 6.38.50
97 Matt Owen Male 6.38.50
40 Daniel French Male 6.38.50
62 Mike Jenkins Male 6.38.50
104 Tim phillips Male 7.02.48



124 Steven Rodriguez Male Time not recorded


163 David Mark Wood Male Time not recorded
102 Josh Pearson Male DNF
173 Andrew Davies Male DNF
117 John Rees Male DNF
82 Steven Liles Male DNF
106 ben phillips Male Man-Up UK DNF
189 Aaron Barrett Male DNF
79 dale lambrick Male DNF


Steve Rodriguez
April 6, 2017
Great event all! Couple of suggestions 1. Keep the route southwards, other sportive stay north of new gale and claim to be Pembrokeshire. 2.maybe a medal for an extra donation or a little momento of the ride? Would be happy to pay a bit more. Apart from that thanks for a great day!
Paul Hole
April 11, 2017
What a fantastic day, the scenery was breathtaking and the Hills big, we had a brilliant time !! I want to thank and track down the very kind fellow Cyclist, who loaned me his pump and levers to repair a puncture at the first food stop, I think he was on the 70 mile trip and he was wearing a Sky Cycling Shirt, As we were so late finishing , I failed to find him to return the pump and levers, please give me a call on 07740957990 and I can arrange to return your bits-------------- Regards, Paul

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