This event is a bit special and for those of you who like running and like running in beautiful places we have a real treat on offer, although the Ramsey 3 peaks is a very good trail run in its own right, it’s also a challenge suitable for all and an experience you will treasure for a long time.

In conjunction with RSPB Ramsey Island and Voyages of Discovery Boat Trips, St Davids. Man-up UK are extremely proud to be hosting the Ramsey Island 3 Peaks

The Date – Saturday 8th June 2019,

Boats Leave at 1600hrs 


The route is approximately 4miles and has been put together by Greg Morgan the Island’s warden for the past 13 years, it consists of trail, paths and climbs (there’s no tarmac on the Island) and will take in its 3 peaks with about a  720ft gain in elevation.

However it’s not really about that, it’s about taking part in the most westerly race in Wales (The Island is the most accessible westerly point in the principality) on the RSPB owned Island, which is rich in wild life, fauna and has world class views.

Greg also has an official leader board going, which records the quickest time around the course, which funny enough Greg had held for many a year, but this was beaten in the last 3 Peaks Challenge by Bridgend lad Rowan Hobbs who now currently sits on top of the pile with an impressive 31.24!! The 2018 event saw us add in a two lap version (The 6 Peaks) which Rowan Hobbs also won and set the record for.

With the female 6 peaks being won and therefore record set by Pembrokeshire girl Jane Rees. Jane’s first lap was also the quickest females run on the 3 peaks.


This will be two laps of the course and is not for the faint hearted! Because numbers are limited you can decide on the day (even whilst you are running) if you want to do the double or not!

The Extras

A nice little extra to the run is getting to the start line, you will have a boat trip from St Justinian’s to The Island, via a high powered exhilarating rib courtesy of Ramsey Island Voyages of Discovery which will take you across the infamous Ramsey Sound and past the bitches rocks.

On completion of the race the wardens Greg and Lisa will make you a cup of tea, once they have finished their run!!

3 peaks T-shirt for all runners and awards for the 1st Male/Female on both the 4 & 8 mile routes

We will also stay on the Island for approximately 2 hours after the last runner is in to allow you to walk some of the course and routes to explore the island and appreciate the wildlife and nature. How many runs do you feel the need to do that on!!!

The Logistics

The Field will consist of 40 runners

Full Logistics will be published once dates and times have been finalised

For further details of the Island and great photos visit  Ramsey Island

Entrance Fee to the Ramsey Island 3 Peaks includes Boat Trip to and from the Island, T-Shirt, the run of course and published results

Date – 8th June 2019 – £50 ENTER HERE

Booking conditions, Once booked no refunds will be issued you can transfer your place to another runner up until the boat sails! but no refunds or deferrals apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but it is necessary due to the minimum margins we are operating on.

If the weather is to bad to sail we will set another date, for the run, we should know this 24hrs before the event.

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