St Davids 24 Ultra Run

The St Davids 24 Ultra Marathon. Britain’s Smallest City but one of the UK’S biggest City Ultra’s!

The event can be taken on as a standalone event or the final leg on the Muuk Ultra Running Series. The event is a test of your endurance, mental and physical capabilities!

The Event 

It really is quite simple. It Starts at 1800hrs in the Centre of St Davids. You will run down to The Cathedral and run back up to the City Centre, pass the Cross Square and up to the Secondary School where you’ll turn around and head back down to the Cathedral (pretty much the City limits). The distance between the Cathedral and the School is a distance of 0.6 of a mile, making the whole circuit 1.2 miles. The amount of loops you complete will be recorded and the most ground covered wins.

There will be one aid station half way between each lap, which you can stop at anytime you want. Sit in doors, have a sleep, use the toilet, eat, change, leave clothing and supplies.

How it Works

Due to the time of year, you will start in the dark and finish in the dark.

It will be winter so prepare well and be well prepared

The winner – Is the person that covers the most ground

Finishers will receive a medal & T-shirt – To finish you have to cover a minimum of 60 miles in 24hrs

All finishers will receive points for The Muuk Ultra Running Series

Awards will be given to Placings 1/2/3 in M&F and 1/2/3 M&F O50’s

Food and snacks will also be supplied at the aid station



The event will cost £70 but registration will not open until we know exactly what restrictions will be in place to combat Covid-19. However in the meantime you can secure a place by

Pre Registering Click Here 

Muuk Ultra Running Series 

The St Davids 24 Ultra is the 3rd and final leg of the Muuk Ultra Running Series. With points available for the series there is an extra incentive to keep pushing and do well. For details of the Muuk Ultra Series and how to enter Click Here

St Davids 24 Ultra

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