Wellness and Resilience in the Outdoors

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Wellness and Resilience in the Outdoors

The Covid years have seen more and more people heading for the outdoors, looking to escape the four walls that have been surrounding us physically and mentally.

Last year we saw this first hand with the amount of staycation tourists flooding Pembrokeshire and the high demand for our activities such as Coasteering and Kayaking. 

2022 has seen us at MUUK-Adventures, take this concept another step forward. We have used the experience and knowledge that we have, to put an educational package together to promote wellness and resilience in the Outdoors. We are delighted that this was done in conjunction with one of our directors, Sean Holley who has used his array of knowledge and excellent delivery methods to present on these packages and offer a unique view and great insight.

This project has seen us working with a mixture of college, youth and young adult groups. The focus and aim is to ensure that there is an understanding of wellbeing, building resilience and that any  adventure into the outdoors is done safely with a respect for the natural environment.

Our programmes centred around a mixture of classroom-based seminars and practical sessions.

Video of our work with Cardiff and Vale College

Core Messages


We break down wellness and what it means to the individual, offering simple ways and handy tips that help to improve a person’s wellbeing. We look at realistic and achievable methods and activities that will allow people to development sustainable methods to improve and manage their wellness needs.


Resilience and coping strategies are a vital part in building confidence and reaching potential. Sean gives a great insight into his story from a rugby injury to reaching the highest coaching level within the sport. We also break down the psychology of building resilience and the theory of Maslow’s Triangle of Hierarchy and how the outdoors can be used to reset your basic needs and build mental strength and resilience.

Safety in the Outdoors

The practical aspect of the programme is centred around how to plan a day out in the outdoors, looking at weather, kit, safety aspects, having realistic personal goals and knowing your own ability and limitations. Whilst respecting the outdoors both environmentally and for the dangers it may present.


Our goal is to promote wellbeing by subtle and achievable changes. With an aim to creating a mindset that will take people out of their comfort zones to achieve beyond their own expectations, which is what drives us. We really do like to see people achieve, develop, and thrive.  But with the understanding that we are all different and need to set our own goals and ambitions and avoid comparing yourself to others.

The underline goal is to be happy, develop and be resilient.


For the individual the best advice we can give. Is get outdoors and get outdoors consistently, if this is a total alien concept to you, it’s all about baby steps. It can be as simple as sitting in the park/garden or walking to the shops can all be the start. For those who want more, it’s about setting a challenge or joining clubs with like minded people, keeping it fun and social.

For organisations that want to develop their staff, students or clients our wellness and developmental programmes can be utilised within corporate organisations, the educational system, the charity sector or for teams of all nature. Each package is bespoke to the client, if you are interested in hearing more please contact us.




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