Well what can we say that hasn’t already been said?

Well let’s start with a big thank you to Luke Harding and #TeamHarding for marshalling and supporting the event and in turn allowing us to support Luke’s fundraising efforts, he certainly picked a good one to come along to, we hope to see you again and we really appreciated Luke’s efforts in standing out on the finish line till the end, your fight makes a 4 mile battle through the freezing ponds and icy mud a little less dramatic!

But saying that we are not taking anything away anything from those who did it, it was a test of physical and mental will power! Now the event itself saw the first 5 or 6 boys absolutely fly around, all coming in on around the 40 minute mark and Milford  Haven girl Jolene Lewis leading the pack for the females followed closely by Carrie Hermitage both veterans of our mud run series. Then as the middle order started crossing the line it appeared the cold was taking its effect on some more so than others

Now you can speculate, discuss and debate the reasons for this and the way we see it is there are quite a few factors that lead to such dramatic scenes, and yes the cold would be an obvious one but not the coldest day for such an event. So as at the end of every event we’ll have a good and proper look to see what can be done differently and this is not for here and now!

Something else that hasn’t been mentioned much is well done to the near 200 that crossed the line, no matter what happened to you on the other side, It was a massive achievement of physical endurance and something you will definitely remember!!! It’s all about collecting experiences not possessions! But saying that we should probably consider giving out medals for the event as it certainly warrants it. The effort put in by everyone in getting yourself across the line probably had a detrimental effect on some once the adrenaline started to subside and the cold hit home! but it was a monumental effort and how many can say in their training regime for the event they put themselves through the mill of cold water / mud training probably not many, which makes the effort even more remarkable.

The facts and figures that have been bounced about vary but here is a snap shot, 17 persons out of just under 200 needed assistance (by us)following the run and 4 of these were suffering some serious hypothermic symptoms (2% of the field) The difficult and dramatic part of this came as the vast majority of the symptoms came on suddenly whilst people were in the showers or getting changed, which meant there was a frantic 30 mins of rounding everyone up! And making sure everyone was accounted for and these who were at the worst end really were suffering no doubt and we appreciate this was very worrying for family and friends.

but it was dealt with promptly and professionally by first of all, from the Marshals, first aiders and the boys from Celtic Camping all of who are extremely experienced professionals from a number of walks of life who switched in to overdrive and calmly and quickly dealt with what was put in front of them. They say you can tell a lot about a person in how they deal with a spontaneous incident and we couldn’t have asked more. And equally as impressive was the response from other runners (many of who are part of our team or regular competitors) and the family and friends of those who were suffering who stood up and assisted in promoting their recovery, their assistance and support was much appreciated.

One of these misquotes stated space blankets and anything we could get our hands on were handed out! Part of the contingency (which has never been used in anger) and the beauty of being at a 400 bed group accommodation site was we knew there were 400 duvets, beds and plenty of rooms available if needs be!

So without further ado and to sum it up, Thank you to the over 20 or so people who messaged in or posted on social media to thank the marshals and all involved and that they enjoyed it (in a funny way) We really appreciate it and we will get back to you personally asap and well done to all the people doing the run for personal causes and to raise money for charity, it was definitely challenge and every single penny of those donations were earned

We would also like to thank the Phil and his ambulance colleagues who attended the event and assisted and then conveyed one runner to hospital for precautionary check up after suffering Hypothermic symptoms and unfortunately another lady suffered a leg injury on the course and we wish her a speedy recovery.

The Photos are here supplied by Haverforsdwest’s Behind the Lens Media and the perception of the photos, is everyone looked so happy!! Photos

And Finally, Finally the finishing order if you are missing from the list please contact me,


Jack Stephens 1
Adam Carlile 2
Shane Davies 3
Andrew Sutton 4
Darren Thomas 5
Ben Phillips 6
William Hermitage 7
Arthur Chambers 8
James Lavz 9
James Griffiths 10
Merion Williams 10
Merlin Kennett 12
Sean Philips 13
Alex Maddox 14
James Lawrence 15
Kieran Jones 17
Sam Stalbow 18
jolene lewis 19
Sam Clarke 20
Aran Lock 21
Jamie Dean 22
Carrie Hermitage 23
Ollie Owen 24
Andrew Dresbrough 25
Tom Clarke 26
Llion Williams 27
Keri Curtis 28
Matthew Kelly 29
Rhys Griffiths 30
Kayleigh Salmon 31
Marian Platt 32
Andy Craig 33
Alistair SHARP 34
Kevin Davies 35
Oliver Murphy 36
Emily Christopher 37
Mali Howell 38
Isobel Mogg 39
mared cooke 40
camilla cooke 41
Gareth John 42
Ken John 43
William Lloyd 44
Adam Collett 45
Sophie Wiggins 46
Carl Platel 47
Sara Crisp 48
Helen Platel 49
Sam Burton 50
William Evans 51
Megan Hamer-Evans 52
David Astins 53
Carwyn Lavis 54
Emma Bowen 55
Andrew Churchill 56
Danielle Samuel 57
Wayne Davies 58
Abigail Jones 59
James Lewis 60
Hannah Williams 61
Iwan Lavis 62
Wayne Powell 63
Claire Morgan 64
Tom Blackler 65
Sam Davies 66
Steve Cooper 67
Darryl Sable 68
Rhys Cooper 69
Ellie Codd 70
Margaret Sable 71
Coby Waagenes 72
Lewis Hunter 73
Jonathan Edwards 74
Gayle Edwards 75
Alison Lanigan 76
Melanie Miles 77
Joanne Barrett 78
Nikki Bowen 79
Alex Jones 80
Phil Davies 81
Nathan Vaughan 82
Lewis Gardiner 83
Angelo Rossi 84
Isobel Bowen 85
Adam Vincent 86
James Johnson 87
Sam Jones 88
Jemma Davies 89
Annalee jones 90
lou Lavis 91
Tom Jenkins 92
Liam O’Sullivan 93
Rebecca Griffiths 94
Phil Smith 95
Sara Gillett 96
Wayne Callen 97
Jeff Davies 98
Ricky-lee Turnbull 99
Ben Turnbull 100
Darren O’leary 101
Bethan Furnival 102
mike ridout 103
Alfie Vincent 104
Tudor Davies 105
Nicola Sula 106
Cameron Jones 107
Catherine Edwards 108
Joseph Evans 109
Callum Macleod 110
Fran Murphy 111
Lisa Williams 112
Amy Rees 113
Samantha Jennings 114
Kerrie Angel 115
Tracy Hancock 116
Charlie Bell 117
erin lavis 118
Sophie James 119
Georgia Savage 120
liz Thomas 121
Sarah James 122
James Williams 123
Sally Mathias 124
Hannah Sampson 125
Angharad Jenkins 126
Ben Roberts 127
Sally Roberts 128
Evie Jones 129
Jo Robins 130
Zoe Williams 131
Michelle Thompson 132
Lee Thompson 133
Abbie Ladd 134
Jodie Murphy 135
Sam Wilson 136
Vicki Barrett 137
Molly Brookes 138
Hayley Simpson 139
Nigel Lavis 140
Bethan Reynolds 141
Lesley Jenkins 142
Delyth Lamb 143
Emma Lewis 144
berian lavis 145
Mollie Hughes 146
Emily Hughes 147
Nia Lavis 148
Alice Wiggins 149
Michele Wiggins 150
Christine Davies 151
miranda buckle 152
Kellyann Rosser 153
Dan Jenkins 154
Emma Picton-Jones 155
Nia Griffiths 156
Lisa Daniel 157
Sarah Davies 158
Katherine Walters 159
Nia Marelly 160
Helen Goellnitz 161
Rhys Morgan 162
Naomi Carey 163
Rob Griffiths 164
Sabrina Revell 165
Claire Jones 166
Angie Evans 167
Nerys Nicholas 168
Sarah Thomas 169
William Lloyd 170
Gareth Bicknell 171
James Clancy 172
Loss Kelly 173
Kelly Bicknell 174
Craig Free 175
Tara Olds 176
Zoe Morgan 177
Jade Morgan 178




December 12, 2017
Just like to say , yet another great xmas mud run well done to all who participated, looking forward to the next man-up event
Joanne Barrett
December 13, 2017
Haha! Well I had a great time!! Thanks all ?❄️?
December 14, 2017
Thank you and we hope you have thawed out

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