Ras Dewi Sant 2024 Results

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Ras Dewi Sant 2024 Results

Lets not beat around the bush or sell a dream of a Spring sunshine morning on the coast. Saturday’s Ras Dewi Sant was brutal. I am not sure why we have had so many messages from people saying how much they enjoyed it. Maybe we all do need to be taken far out of our comfort zone now and again. To really appreciate the simple things in life. Even if it is only for an hour or six.

I appreciate people will all have a different opinion on Saturday and we are debriefing it and looking what was good and what needs to be better. But one thing that could not have been much better was the determination and effort of everyone who took part and particularly finished it.

The Marathon

Bar a very early retiree, due to a previous injury the entire field made it. The front runners didn’t just make it. They blasted out some really impressive times. With Sanna Duthie setting a new female course record and Nick Williams smashing a 3.35 marathon to be first over the line were both incredible. And not to forget the man who shows life real does begins at 50. Darren Thomas coming in as 2nd Overall on 4hrs 00mins 07 seconds. Whilst our Sweeper, the very experienced Rich Simpson has mentioned on more than one occasion to me how hard the back runners worked. Being genuinely impressed with their sheer determination in such challenging conditions. I am also reliably informed that most falls on the course goes to Jonny Sable.

Half Marathon

The half marathon, really did catch people out. The conditions around Treginnis were tough and the exposed nature and isolation of the headland was too much for some. With a massive well done to those who helped us out and walked with or stayed with those who were struggling. The whys and wheres of this are for another day.

On the racing front.

The Male race was dominated by Dominic Perry, who smashed out a 1hr 42mins half. Considering he started a number of minutes after the gun, this could of and should of been faster. In those conditions this was impressive to say the least. Whilst in the Female race, A first timer for RDS, Rosie Wright smahed the female record by 15 mins with 1hr 51min and 32 sec run, which ment she was also 3rd overall. I don’t know Rosie but the way she flew passed me at St Justinians I would say this is not her first race!!

Once again thou a big well done to all who finished the half and all those who helped others out, it was a though one for sure.


Now considering the 10k is sold as a good introduction to trail running with gathering a bit of experience of coast path running to get an idea of what to expect if you did the half. It is fair to say that those who did it on Saturday for this purpose or as their first race had a bit more of a baptism of fire than a gentle introduction. But once again as I stood on St Justinian all were smilling and enjoying it!!!. Or was it more they were happy to hear me say, “this is the end of the path and you are on the road”

For me to say this is an introduction to RDS is disrespectful to those at the front of the field who are 10k runners are there to race and win. And you can see by the times posted, how quick these runners are. First in was Alister Massey with 40m 47 seconds, which beat the course record by 9 seconds! He must be lightening on a good day. Another course record was also set in the 10k field the Male 50+ went to Mark Pyke. Which now means Mark holds the record for 50+ in the 10K and M50-59 in the Half Marathon. Mark needs to step up and take Darrens record in the Full next year!!! and be the first tripple crowner.

Records and Ras Dewi Sant 2024 Results

Below is a list of the course records as set in 2023 and the winners of those catagories in 2024. Whilst verifying the results it was pointed out that some runners had been wrongly catagorised last year. These have now been updated. £100 bounty was on offer to anyone who could beat a course record! In a way I’m glad it wasn’t sunny and dry!! (4 were beaten) There was also a PB challenge for anyone who PB’d there 2023 time. The reward for this was to have free entry into either STTE, TDS or RDS. if you think you have broken your PB please contact us.

Ras Dewi Sant 2024 Results


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