The Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

Take on, Snowdon – Cader Idris – Pen y Fan in 17 hrs – Sunrise to Sunset!!!!

Date 5th June 2021 – Event is Full

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The Challenge

Wales has many iconic and beautiful mountains and there is no better challenge for seeing and experiencing the diversity of these than taking on The Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge. And to make it a decent challenge we will have 17 hours to complete it.

Our Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge will not only be a personal challenge and adventure for yourself but also a fund and awareness raising event for Get The Boys A Lift if you are not aware of them have a look at the link, if you are you’ll know what a great charity they are and the good work they do for breaking stigmas and supporting those suffering with their Mental Health.

Timings – Approximately – 5am Start Finish by 10pm (17 hrs)


To combat the covid restrictions, we have changed the original plans for the event. However after running 2020’s event under the new format we are more than happy that it worked very well and was a great day out.

The Welsh 3 peaks challenge will be held on Saturday morning, The bus will leave Pembrokeshire at 0400hrs and head to the first peak, Pen y Fan. Once this mountain is complete we will head to Cader Idris in Mid Wales, before finishing off at Snowdon. Depending on what restrictions are in place, we may stay the night in a Bunk House in Snowdonia prior to heading back South, in the morning.

Logistics in More Detail 

The mini bus will leave Pembrokeshire at 0400hrs and head east towards the Brecon Beacons and Pen y Fan. “The Fan” is a hike infamous with the military, especially the special forces, making this a fitting place to start. The plan will be to start our ascend at 0600hrs.

Once finished we will make our way along the 86 mile journey through mid Wales to Cader Idris. It is in our humble opinion that this is the best and possibly the hardest 3 to climb. But the views are worth it.

Once Cader Idris is conquered we will make the 57 mile journey North to Wales and England’s highest peak Snowdon. A real challenge to finish on.

Upon finishing it will depend on what the covid restrictions are. If it is allowed we will stay local in a Bunk House and have a relaxing beer and sleep before heading back in the morning. If we can not stay we will jump on the bus and head south. We did this on the last trip and there was no issues as most just wanted to sleep!!


What we’ll provide 

  • Transport from designated pick ups in Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire . If you are travelling from another area of the UK we can arrange a suitable location to meet you or you can make a break of it and travel down to St Davids for a day either side (you won’t be disappointed).
  • 1 night Bunk House Accommodation in North Wales (With Breakfast) If allowed
  • Mini Bus Transport between each climb and back to Pembrokeshire.
  • Snacks and refreshments along the way
  • Mountain Leader Guide and support staff with each Mini Bus
  • A Get the Boys a Lift / Muuk-Adventure commemorative T-Shirt
  • And a few beers on the Mini Bus on the way home (if that’s your thing!!)

Why do the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge and Why do it with Us?

  • The 3 peaks mentioned are iconic sites in Wales. They are naturally beautiful and offer so much to those who do them. Not only in terms of physical exertion but just being out on the mountains and the completion of such a challenge does so much for your wellbeing.
  • Doing it with a group gives you support and encouragement through the difficult bits. It helps to create and build friendships and its a great feeling to share an achievement with a likeminded group that have been through it with you.
  • These are must do peaks in Wales, and as we all lead busy lives, finding time to fit the logistics of completing the 3 individually is tough enough, never mind all together. And therefore can be another thing we never get around to. This challenge gives you the opportunity to do them all in one go.
  • Safety – You will be looked after and supported by us all the way. The mountains can be a dangerous place, especially if the weather changes and or fatigue sets in. We will manage this for you. And will have experience Mountain leaders supporting us
  • Confidence – Sometimes we can’t find the right people to go with and you may not have the confidence to go it alone.
  • Logistics – We know where the car parks are, the best routes up the mountains and the roads through Wales to each location. To make it all run as smoothly as possible.
  • Charity – You will be helping us to raise awareness and funds for Get the Boys a Lift a great cause.


Places are limited. (Max 10) You can secure your place with a £30 deposit (Non refundable) and then full payment 1 month before the event. If the event is cancelled or postponed because of covid, we will either defer your entry or refund you, the choice is yours.


We will not be running up or down the Mountains. We will be Walking/Hiking them. This is a Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge, not race – Other than racing the Sun!

However in the time allocated the speed of the walks/hikes will have to be a brisk one. There will be time to stop enroute to the summits for drinks, photos and a breath! and time at the top to enjoy the summit.

Its worth noting that each Mountain on its own, in the time we have allocated would require a good walking pace and decent level of fitness. The fact and more importantly that we will be doing 3 in 17 hours will require the ability to recover quickly and show good stamina to repeat.

If you are starting from a point where you have not done any physical exercise for a long time. We would expect you to train accordingly for the event, by performing quickly paced hikes, up hills/mountains/coastpath to get use to the undulating ground you will face and the strain it puts on the body.

As with any training it is important to start off as early as possible with your training and build up slowly and steadily to the required fitness. In reality the fitness training requires you to get out into the great out doors and walk. It will improve your fitness, health and give you the experience of exploring new places – so all good.

This challenge is achievable for all, it does not require super fitness levels but it does require a strong mind and the will power to go again and again and to keep going up when the peaks get steep! It really is all in the mind. (And a little bit in the legs!!!!)


February v June

An interesting fact, February is the driest yet coldest month on average in Wales. Whilst June is also traditionally warm, with long daylight hours. What does this mean for the Welsh 3 Peaks. First things first, you can never second guess the weather in the mountains no matter what the season is. June 2020, we had serious rain in PYF, a heat wave in Cader Idris and cold and dark on the descent from Snowdon.

However it is definitely worth noting that there is a very good chance February will be tougher. There will be less daylight hours, so temperatures will drop, and movement will be slower. However hiking the mountains in the dark is special and something you will not forget.

Whichever 3 Peaks challenge you take on we will give you all the details you will need and we will guide you on the mountains with experienced Mountain Leaders, to ensure your challenge is safe, it will be hard but we want you to feel safe!







Height – 1085m

Miles to be Covered – 7.5miles

Path to be taken – (The path may vary depending on weather and other such factors)

We will Start just off the A4086 and make our way up the Miners Track. This is an ideal way to start the day and loosen the legs up as the first 2 miles are a gentle incline with some great views. The next two miles also have wonderful views but are rather steep! Once we reach the Summit we will descend via the Llanberis Path a well trodden and marked out route to return us to the mini bus.

The Mountain 

Snowdon comes from the old English name “Snow Hill” (I have seen snow on the peek in June) It is the highest Mountain in Wales and England. However it has many (approx 8) well defined paths to the summit all of varying degrees of difficult, These traits all make it the most climbed mountain in the UK as well as being Wales’s 3rd most visited tourist attraction and that is another reason;

Why we Finish at Snowdon?

To beat the crowds – especially in June

It also allows the logistics to flow better when coming from the South of the Country, with less time spent on the bus. We did it this way in 2020 and it worked really well.

Cader Idris

Height – 893m

Miles to be Covered – 6 miles

Path to be taken – (The path may vary depending on weather and other such factors)

We will park up on at the Cader Idris car park just off the A487 and make our way up the Minffordd Path, we will also descend via this route. The Minffordd Path is described as a hard strenuous walk and I would not disagree with that. With the first 1.5 miles being a slog. But saying that it really is a great location and great views and sense of being in the wilds. Definitely one of my favourite walks in Wales or anywhere.

The Mountain

Cader Idris is situated on the southern end of the Snowdonia National Park near to the historic town of Dolgellau. It is the 9th highest peak in Wales and the highest in Mid Wales. Like all of the 3 peaks the location is steeped in ancient Welsh history and mythology and when you are in the midst of Cader Idris you can see and feel why. It is our humble opinion that this is the toughest of the 3 climbs and the most remote. Although guide books say it gets very busy, it is less busy than the others and this could be that it is a harder walk than the others!

Cader Idris

Height – 886m

Miles to be Covered – 4.2miles

Path to be taken – (The path may vary depending on weather and other such factors)

We will park up opposite the Story Arms Outdoor Centre on the A470. From here will head up from the iconic red telephone box. And head straight up (with a slight downhill blip) till we get to the first peak “Corn Du” once we reach this point it’s a slight decline and incline before reaching the summit. We will then return via the same. Although this might be the lesser of the 3 peaks, its a good step climb to start with and the nervous and trepidations will be flowing as you start at the bottom knowing what’s to come during the day .

The Mountain

Pen y Fan has become infamous with the British Army, particularly the Special Forces who use this climb to the summit (and a bit more!!!) as part of their selection process known as the “fan dance”. It is also the highest Peak in the UK, south of Cader Idris and offers great views across the South Wales Valleys.

Like all of the Routes on the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge the Mountains can be an unforgiven place and its quite common to have 3 or 4 seasons in one climb. But its certainly an experience that will stay with you for sometime.

Welsh 3 Peaks
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