Happy New Year – Look After Yourself! Christmas is done and the New Year is upon us. So how was 2022 and what will 2023 bring for us all? like so many others that I’ve heard from, I am sat here trying to writing this after being completely wiped out with a bug over the Xmas period. To say “bug” is not really doing it justice, On the sickness scale its more like one up from man flu and that is saying something. During this period, I have also found myself rewriting this blog 4 or 5 times, These attempts

Calendar of Events and Adventures 2023  Here is an overview of our calendar of events and adventures 2023. We may have one or two extras! But for now this is it, If you want to ask any questions or have any queries. Please contact us. Events and Adventures 2023 4th March Ras Dewi Sant – Coast Path Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K. 2023 will be the 10th Year of this great event. 16th – 20th March Mountain Bike Morocco. A four-day Mountain Bike Adventure up in the High Atlas Mountains. A magnificent place full of culture and largely untouched by

Everest Base Camp Trek and Back. Is the Everest Base Camp Trek and Back and easy hike? I had read and heard a lot of accounts and most said the trek is easy, but the altitude makes it difficult. I can see what they mean, but in my opinion the altitude is part of the trek so therefore it’s not easy. However, the trek is achievable for most hikers, who have a good level of walking fitness and strong sense of determination, because the trek will ask questions of you! The Planning Personally, I believe it’s good to take on

School Challenges One facet of our job that I really enjoy, is working with teenagers on what could be their first journey into the outdoor adventure world, watching them grow as they take on varying challenges the wild throws at them. There really is something about a challenge in the outdoors, which is a real leveler amongst teenagers. In today’s world we are all to use to having things instantly, at the touch of a button and if we do have to wait, we tend to get bored and move on to an easier or quicker path. The great outdoors

The Swim to the Edge series 2023 New for 2023 is the Swim to the Edge Series. The series will see the competitors taking on 3 major open water swimming challenges, (The Big 3) at iconic Welsh coastal spots over the summer season. The swims are The Green Monster – Solva Swim approx 2miles The Blue Monster – Abereiddy Swim 2.2 miles The Great White – Whitesands Swim 2.4 Miles (new swim) If you enter all 3 swims you will obtain points for your position in each swim and the overall winners will obtain a special prize! Those who complete

Wellness and Resilience in the Outdoors The Covid years have seen more and more people heading for the outdoors, looking to escape the four walls that have been surrounding us physically and mentally. Last year we saw this first hand with the amount of staycation tourists flooding Pembrokeshire and the high demand for our activities such as Coasteering and Kayaking.  2022 has seen us at MUUK-Adventures, take this concept another step forward. We have used the experience and knowledge that we have, to put an educational package together to promote wellness and resilience in the Outdoors. We are delighted that

Looking for Adventure 2021 The past 12 months have been a nightmare for the mass participation events industry and we are committed to getting these back up and running and honouring all the bookings we have. This will be done when it is safe and right to do so. All specific mass participation events info is being sent out via email. So if you are booked please keep an eye out. But in the meantime, we still have a very exciting calendar for 2021 and 2022. So, if you are looking for adventure, here are a few options. Coasteering Dates

Regaining The Motivation  These are my feelings, but from the messages I have had over the year, it would appear that I am not alone. It seems a few of us have struggled recently with the motivation to train with intensity, consistently or with a purpose. Although 2020 probably gave most of us more time to train and many of us used this time positively to get out and about for daily walks, the motivation and goals to push ourselves hard may not have been there. If I am honest, Covid-19 did not sap my motivation or desire to push

Mountain Biking Atlas Mountains Before I start, Its worth saying that I had never been to Morocco and if I’m honest it never really appealed to me. My opinion was based on people’s tales of package holidays or City breaks that they had been on and thought that’s not for me. Then a few years ago I saw an article on Mountain Biking Atlas Mountains that got my attention and the place started to intrigue me. So in January 2020, I got the chance to go there and partake in a bit of Mountain Biking and Hiking. An offer that