MdC Ultra Marathon

After all the disappointment of the past couple of years, The Good news is, the 3rd running of the epic yet brutal MdC Ultra Marathon adventure, which covers the entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path in 3 days has been set

That is 186 Miles in 3 days

Next Event – 30th June, 1st and 2nd of July 2023

Cost – £350 

Due to the nature of this event, we tend to have an extremely small field but really enjoy supporting them around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in their bid to finish this spectacular yet brutal feat of endurance. If you are interested in having a go, and being one of these brave souls, please contact us.

We will run the event with a minimum of 3 persons. If you are interested please contact us prior to 1st March 2023 when a decision will be made on whether the event will take place in 2023.


It can be done and it has been. However the hall of fame makes a quick read

2018 Richard Simpson – 64hrs 32mins

2019 Owen Evans – 67hrs 50mins 

Who will join these two on the MdC Ultra Marathon Hall of Fame?

What is the MDC

The MdC Ultra Marathon, is run from St Dogmaels on the North Pembrokeshire / Ceredigion border and takes in the entire 186 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path (The UK’s only coastal National Park) and finishes at Amroth on the South Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire border.

The path is made up mainly of rugged uneven ground which covers a diverse route that will see you run high along open and exposed sea cliffs, as well as underneath them at sea level, as you pass through the numerous fishing hamlets, villages and towns. The MdC Ultra Marathon will also take you through some of the most iconic and historic locations in Wales.

The course is visually stunning and due to the nature of the terrain, with the elevation loss and gain of being over 30,000ft it is also one of the most difficult you will run anywhere in the world. This really is a bucket list run for so many reasons.

To get a bit more of an insight it’s worth reading the 2018 finishers blog  Richard the Lion Heart


The History

In 2017 we ran the course in 6 days, it was spectacular and here’s the blog with the difficulties faced.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge

Then in 2018 we held the first official race, which saw one finisher – Rich Simpson who became the first known person to complete the path in under 3days! With a time of 64hrs and 32 minutes. Then in 2019 the event once again saw just one finisher. Pembrokeshire boy, Owen Evans in a time of 67hrs 50mins, yes just 10 mins to spare. That was a stressful day for all concerned.

The MdC Ultra Marathon Challenge 

The challenge is to cover the entire the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, all 186 miles of it in 3 days (well under 68hrs), on two feet, You will be starting in St Dogmaels and finishing in Amroth, It will be the ultimate in physical and mental endurance, You will feel tiredness and exhaustion like never before, this is not for the faint hearted.

Each stage starts at 0400hrs

You can leave later than 0400hrs on day 2 & 3, but you are adding extra pressure on making the cut off

Stage 1

St Dogmaels, non stop to Caerfai (66miles) cut off 0000hrs

Stage 2

Caerfai non stop to Pembroke Dock – Cleddau Bridge 52 miles (59 miles if you miss the tide at Sandy Haven) cut off 0000hrs

Stage 3

Pembroke Dock – Cleddau Bridge, non stop to Amroth and the finish (58miles approx.) cut off 0000hrs That is the entire South section in one day.

What is the Fastest Time?

Up until 2021, if you had beaten Rich Simpsons time of 64hrs 32mins you would have been the fastest person to have done it. However since then, on the 8th May 2021, Pembrokeshire girl Sanna Duthie did a supported run of the entire path in an amazing 51hrs 30mins and 3 seconds.

Why oh Why

Well we do like a running challenge and we do love Pembrokeshire and this has to be the ultimate running challenge in Pembrokeshire.

Where else would you want to be for 3 days in July!!

The FFS Podcast with Rich Simpson – Talking about his MDC Experience 


“Many will talk about it few will do it”


MdC Ultra Marathon – A Bucket list event

MdC Ultra Marathon – Pembrokeshire Coast

The Challenge

The task ahead is not an easy one, it is The entire Pembrokeshire Coast Path all 186 miles of it in 3 days, Starting in St Dogmaels and finishing in Amroth, with over 33,000ft of elevation to tackle, along some of the most rugged and beautiful coast line the UK has to offer

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path boasts the fact that it is the UK only Coastal National Park and is regularly voted in the top 2 Coastal walks in the World.

The Event logistics and rules

The Short Version

Each day will start at 0400hrs and the cut off will be 0000hrs the first two days will all be about finishing, resting and recovery.

The last day will be the race day, the first person across the line at Amroth wins.

A Bit More Detail

Stage 1 

Day 1 – St Dogmaels to Caerfai – 66 Miles

Stage 2

Day 2-  Caerfai to Pembroke Dock, 52 miles approx (59 miles if you miss the cut off at Sandy Haven) cut off 0000hrs

Stage 3

Day 3 – Pembroke Dock to Amroth and the finish (59miles approx.) cut off 0000hrs

Why do the MdC and Why do it with MUUK-Adventures 

We do like a challenge and this is the ultimate running challenge in Pembrokeshire or indeed anywhere, once you have completed this you will be amazed and full of pride at your achievement and in awe of the scenery and beauty that you have passed along the way, which will play it’s own part in keeping you going

We also offer you support along the way. Although this is largely a self sufficient race and competitors will have to be well prepared we do supply the following, which will give you the extra 5% to ensure you make it

  • Timed event
  • T-shirt / Medal / Numbers
  • Water stops along the course
  • Food / Accommodation at the end of each stage (Bunk House Accommodation)
  • First Aid cover throughout the course and welfare at the end of Stage 1 & 2
  • Massage service at the end of stage 1 & 2
  • Good communication in the build up event with detailed maps and explanations, to cover routes around “tricky spots” along with our personal touch and local knowledge  to support you in your logistical preparation
  • Bag and kit transfers between each stage
  • GPS Trackers

For further details please contact us at

Registration is now open for 2020 with limited places available, if you fancy joining a very small and elite group. Book Here

ENTRY TO MdC 2023 – £350

The course will be sign posted by the Acorn which marks the route of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, in addition to this we will send you a detailed guide to the path and a map, the below interactive map highlights the course and elevation

Please note the course will not be sign posted with specific event signs as this is unrealistic and unnecessary if you follow the instructions and Acorn.

However. It is extremely important that you take this challenge seriously and give it the respect it deserves. You will need to research the route and the areas that may present difficulty. This is all part of the event and the achievement. If you fail to get the navigational part of this course wrong on a number of occasions, you will not be able to complete the course in the required time. Please do your home work, ask questions and do some research. The cut offs and aid stations will be strict. and queries at any stage, please ask us.

Q Where do you stay

A. The end of Stage 1 is on 66.6 miles and you will stop at Caerfai (St Davids) and will be transferred back to Celtic Camping and the Bunk Barns, the facility are comfortable. You will have a bed, shower, toilet, dining area, hot food, massage service and footcare 1st aid!

The End of Stage 2 is 59 miles (or 126.6 in total) and you will stop at the Cleddau Bridge and stay at the dorms of the water sports centre, where you will have a bed, shower, toilet, hot food, massage service, and foot care 1st aid.

Q Is the run self sufficient

We will have a number of aid stations along the way (3 per day) where you can pick up pre-packed food and water supplied by us

However if the runner wants to leave a special needs bag at these pre-determined locations (named by us) this can be arranged as we know you may want to sort your own nutrition.

Q Can a runner have outside assistance

A 3rd party can supply food, clothes, body care and water at any point along the course. However you are not allowed to travel in any 3rd parties vehicle.

Q. How is the event timed

A. The clock starts at 0400hrs on the first day and stops when you finish on the 3rd day

Q. What are the cut offs

A. Day one cut off is at 0000hrs and Day two cut off is 0000hrs and Day three cut off is 0000hrs

Q. What is the compulsory rest period?

A. On day one and day two there is no running between 0000hrs and 0400hrs (You can start later that 0400hrs but you will have to make to 0000hrs cut off

Q. What is the overflow day?

A. The 2020 event will have no overflow day. If you do not finish it by midnight on day 3 the event stops. There will be no medals, T-shirts or awards given to anyone who comes outside of this time.

Q. What is the quickest time it has been done in?

A. We go by website which has Richard Simpson on the first staging of the MdC recorded as the fastest person to complete it. NB there is a faster time recorded, but this is flagged due to a number of inconsistences with how it was recorded and which route was actually completed. So as it stands at the moment, Rich is still number one.

Q. Where Can I park my car, will I be transferred to the start from the finish, where should I stay the night before  

A. If you are travelling to the area and need accommodation the night before and to leave your car somewhere secure, we recommend the following. If you stay at Celtic Camping (The stopover point at the end of day 1) You can leave your car here free of charge, it will be the location of the briefing the night before, you will be transferred from here to the starting point, and you will be transferred back here after completing the run. Celtic Camping cost £25 per night.

Q. What about Covid-19?

A. This is one event we are confident that can be run with social distancing measures and no mass gathering. We may face travel restrictions, and lock downs. If this is the case and we have to postpone or cancel the event, full refunds will be given.

This is a wonderful route and a real tough challenge that will take you through some special places whilst taking you to some special places metaphorically!!!!!

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The stunning Pembrokeshire landscape
The stunning Pembrokeshire landscape
The stunning Pembrokeshire landscape
The stunning Pembrokeshire landscape
Ras Dewi Sant (Coast Path Marathon/Half Marathon)
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