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We have no current dates set for a mass entry for our Mud Runs. However, we are still extremely busy with the Celtic Camping Mud Runs and are regularly taking private parties around the course,

The parties include such events as, team building, school and youth groups, fitness clubs, groups of family and friends and sports teams. Basically, anyone who is up for a bit of fun in the mud down in West Wales. We have various routes and distances to suit and challenge all. For further details to discuss how you could book a private session please contact us below.

For a private session we would need a minimum of 8 persons

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Mud Runs are getting more and more popular and the following questions, answers and hints may help you in your preparation to make the event more enjoyable or decision as to whether the mud run is for you!

Q. How fit do you have to be?

A. We don’t mind if you walk or run the course but you have to be fit enough to cover 5 miles cross country, whilst climbing under and over obstacles and wading through mud and ponds. It is tough but achievable!

Q. What are the obstacles?

A. The obstacles are mainly all natural, and the man made ones are designed to blend in to the rural environment. The main thing to remember in your preparation is that the obstacles are not technical so you should be able to manage them all. However if you do not fancy any particular obstacle there is always an option to pass on it!

Q. What training should I do?

A. As with anything you should train for what you are going to be doing, therefore we strongly recommend you should incorporate the following into your training plans; Cross Country Running, some strength training and cold water/muddy bog training to acclimatise. You do not want the day of the event to be your first experience of the Mud and Cold! For further tips and plans please contact us.

 Q. What is the difference between The May Run and The December Run?

A. Well the obvious is the temperatures! But don’t let that fool you we have had mild December Runs and Cold May Runs, it doesn’t matter which one you sign up for you have to be prepared for inclement weather and the ponds will be chilly whatever the month. But as a rule you can expect the December course to be Wetter, Muddier and colder. The May one is a little bit longer, a bit more climbing and more chance of getting nettle stings

Q. How do we prepare for the cold?

A. We have had hypothermia cases at our mud run events and the vast majority of these have come about once runners have crossed the line. We recommend that you train for the cold but also have a finishing plan, of having loose fitting warm clothing, towel, hat and gloves to wear and easy to hand. For further details please ask.

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May 28, 2017

My 10 year old daughter loved it and cant wait to do it again . brilliant event.

May 28, 2017

My 10 year old daughter loved it and cant wait to do it again . brilliant event thank you .

May 31, 2017

our group of 9 year olds thoroughly enjoyed dirty little rascals last weekend at celtic camping, especially the hot soak at the end. Epic – thank you

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