The Pencarnan Run Series will be back on four dates in July and August 2020.  These relaxed Thursday evening runs are either 5K or 10K in distance and start and finish on the magnificent Pencarnan Caravan and Campsite. The routes are a mixture of trail runs, road runs, coast path runs all with one thing in common “Great Views”

In addition to the adult runs, on the same nights we hold a free-to-enter 3K run for kids, and their guardians. These runs are designed for fun and to encourage kids to be active and have the confidence to take part in physical activity


The dates and timings

Thursday 16 & 30 July and 13 & 27 August 2020.

Registration is open from 18:00hrs with the races commencing at 19:00hrs


The Pencarnan Run: Rules and Regulations

Results and times are posted after each run with awards and spot prizes issued for winners and participants during the series.

Distances and Run Routes

Registration – Starting and finishing point will be at Pencarnan Campsite Reception area, which is situated on the most westerly tip of the peninsular overlooking Whitesands Bay and Carn Llidi Mountain making this a wonderful place to run.

There will be 3 routes available a 3K, 5K and 10K.  The3K will remain the same for the duration of the series and is predominately a kids race. The 5k & 10k routes will change for each run and they will be a mixture of road, trail and coast path running. We will try our best to make them interesting, testing and visually stunning.

No maps will be published and the routes will be disclosed on the night and will be marked with signs or marshals



The 5 & 10K will be £5 for each run. Finishing positions and times will be published for each race.

5K – Aged 14year and over

10K – Aged 16years and over

The 3K – Is free to enter and can be run/walked by any age although we strongly recommend that any 8 year olds or younger are accompanied by a parent/adult. The run is designed for kids but should an adult wish to run it to build confidence that is fine and we encourage parents / guardians to join in and run the course with their children. Prizes for the 1st boy and girl


Just turn up and register on the night, please allow ample time for registration.



Pencarnan Farm

Is located about a mile from St Davids on the St Justinian/Lifeboat station road.  If you travel along this road with its high hedges, you will notice the farm entrance as the hedges disappear and you can see the open moors, the farm is situated on the right hand side of a cross roads with an old white milk stand at the entrance and is well signed posted for the camping and caravan site.

The lady of the farm, Sian Pencarnan (or Richardson), was the brain child of the run series and invited us down to facilitate it. The location is brilliant and lends itself to such an event. Sian, who has competed in a fair few endurance events in her time, is all about running and participation for all and that anyone should and can have a go – an attitude mirrored by us. And we are delighted that they have invited us back again and very much appreciate it.

It’s also worth mentioning that the vast majority of our videos, which we always have a great response to, have been filmed, edited and published by Sian and her family under the umbrella of Richardson Media Productions..another thank you!

The Location


St Davids
SA62 6PY

Pencarnan 2019

2019 Pencarnan Week 1 RESULTS

2019 Pencarnan Week 2 Results

Pencarnan 2018

Week 1 2018 Results

Week 2 2018 Results

Pencarnan 2017

5K Pencarnan Run Series Week 1

Name Club Time
Fred Dorn / Kieran Own St Davids RFC 28:35
Emma Aldis 31:38
Sara Evans / Sarah Phillips 33:48
Claudine Hayward 35:10
Jill Bowers 36:38
Gethin James 36:48
Thea Janes 39:42
Nicola Francis 40.22
Ieuan Davies 40:46
Vicky Pacheco / Mairwen Richards 40:50
Sarah Phillips / Natalie Colfer / Katie Price 45.50

10K Pencarnan Run Series Week 1

Name Club Time
Martin Evans Caemis 43:45
Alec Williams Pembs Harriers 45.05
Danny Curtis Lobster y Mor 45:10
Jonny Sable 45:43
Harvey Godkin Man-Up UK 45:53
Andy Devonald 46:38
Max Jones 46:51
Jonathan Tite 47:39
Catherine Marks (first Female) Team Caemis 49:24
Will Chant 50:45
Rory Davies 53:05
Martin Price 53:24
Andrew Thomas 54:28
Shan James Team Caemis 55:37
Mark Davies 56:18
Celia Morris Team Caemis 58:22
Byron Grey 1.00.58
Andrea Bateman 1.03.28
Reuben Palin 1.07.31
Sandra Douglas 1.13.01

3K Kids Run Series Week 1

Number Name & Age Time
8 Steffan Davies – 11 10.58
2, 28, 19 Will Phillips 11 / Danny Thomas 9 / Monty Lavin 9 11.40
24 Tomos Williams 10 12:00
12 Daf Davies 10 12:38
15 Louie Voyce 10 12:52
16 Danny Voyce 10 12:57
36 Thomas James 11 13:07
26 Tomos Evans 9 13:20
14 Evan Platel 10 13:28
27 Steffan Tite 11 (First Female) 13:35
17 Matilda Voyce 11 13:37
34 Edward James 9 13:40
31 Jay Thomas 8 13:42
13 Teifion Davies 7 13:45
25 Lucas Price 10 13:48
33 Joe Docker 10 14:12
18 Niamh Devonald 15:01
23 Brandon Stanley 6 15:13
32 Harry Chant 6 15:20
20 Freddie Lavin 6 15:30
11 Sebastian Semany 11 15:36
1 Max Finlay 7 15:40
6 Freddie Morris 8 15:43
21 Libby Richards 11 16:58
35 Elinor James 6 17:58
22 Harrison Richards 9 18:38
9 /29 Samantha Semany 10 / Laney Noble 9 1856
3 Sophie Phillips 6 19:26
30 Ava Hayward 6 19:33
7 Jaxon Morris 5 19:37
5 Rhinedd Morris 7 19:46
4 Owain Morris 20:18
10 Sabrina Semany 9 20:20

Week 2 Results

Despite the promise of biblical downpour and winds to rival Ras Dewi Sant 2017, 50 Kids and 36 adults turned up to run the 3 to 10K runs. In the 5/10k runs The usual suspects were there and occupied the top slots, with Danny Curtis hoping consistency will see him retain his 10K title. Whilst  Kieran Owen took the week 2, 5K win with an impressive time and team mate Fred Dorn coming in second. Whilst Eve was the top place of the quartet of Singer’s running with the young lady taking the 5K crown

Team of the night was Cemais taking 1st in both the male and female category of the 10K. which to be fair was a competitive field with all runners finishing inside the 55min mark .

Kids race saw the return of last years camps Tom and Katie David, with Tom starting up where he finished up. But the biggest winner of the night was all the Kids who appeared to have the worst of the weather as they came in looking like drowned rats but with mostly smiles on their faces.

Another highlight of the night was Ella and Tim’s Wood fires Pizza at the end of the night very tasty!

Hope to see you all in two weeks

Pos Name Club Time
1 Martin Evans Team Cemais 41.31
2 Danny Curtis Lobster y Mor 42.23
3 Jonny Sable 42.45
4 (1st Female) Catherine Marks Team Cemais 44.36
5 Andy Holcroft The Bug Farm 45.10
6 Steve Williams 45.24
7 Josh Morgan 45.38
8 Laurence Worth Pembs 46.54
9 Gareth Owens / Matthew Davies Crossfit Dynamic 47.13
11 Rickie Thomas 48.30
12 Matt Singer 48.48
13 Mark Davies 49.15
14 Aled Thomas 49.54
15 Martin Price 50.24
16 Simon Noble 52.20
17 Celia Morris Team Cemais 52.49
18 Lauren Owens 54.50

Pencarnan Run Week 2 – 5K

Pos Name Club Time
1 Kieran Owen St Davids RFC 21.13
2 Fred Dorn St Davids RFC 23.10
3 Chris Isles 23.39
4 (First Female) Eve Singer 23.52
5 Harry Worth 24.02
6 Geraint Jones 24.56
7 Will Singer 26.39
8 Sarah Phillips / Sara Evans 28.24
10 Allie Singer 28.44
11 Jay Evans 29.55
12 Gethin James Lliethyr Farm 30.28
13 Thea Janes Mamgu Welsh Cakes 33.29
14 Ieuan Davies St Davids RFC 36.28
15 Katie Price 36.43
16 Sarah Phillips / Claire Lewis / Natalie Colfer 40.15

Pencarnan Kids Race – 3K – Week 2

Number Name Club Time
50 Tom David 10.15
40 Sam Risley 10.35
60 Steffan Davies 10.59
55 Alfie Lavin 11.00
58 Mae Singer 11.05
53 Monty Lavin 11.06
81 Danny Thomas 11.06
37 William Phillips 11.10
82 Charlie Thomas 11.13
45 Daf Davies 11.18
44 Katie David 11.20
76 Lilah Noble 11.30
51 Evan Platel 11.34
78 Danny Voyce 11.34
77 Louie Voyce 11.37
61 Robyn Kovechev 12.30
70 Joe Docker 12.44
41 Tomos Evans 12.48
Edward James 12.50
68 Joe Roulstone 13.00
69 Hatti Roulstone 13.00
83 Freddie Jones 13.05
79 Matilda Voyce 13.08
48 Lucas Price 13.15
Thomas James 13.20
80 Ben Leahy 13.30
54 Charlie Lavin 13.35
39 Max Findley 14.36
56 Sean Bolger 14.36
46 Kara Price 14.50
57 Mikey Bolger 15.09
42 Rhys Phillips 15.29
71 Harry Chant 15.59
52 Freddie Lavin 15.59
72 Esther Barnett 16.14
62 George Kovechev 16.30
64 Molly Jame 16.54
66 Harrison Richards 17.00
65 Jack Hawthorn 17.05
67 Lybi Richards 17.12
75 Sophie Docker 17.35
38 Sophie Phillips 17.40
Elinor James 18.26
43 Jack Phillips 18.30
63 Laly Noble 18.33
73 Alex Barnett 18.35
74 Thomas Carpenter The Little Fella Soldiered on and finished the race he said he was 4 years old

Week 3 – Results and Report

The 10K saw a slightly less field than previous weeks, which could be due to the fact that people had seen the course! It was a tough one or summer chores got the better of them with regular Danny Curtis (Not sure if he’s missed any since we started) been tied to his new business Lobster y Mor down in Little Haven and mate Max Jones still recovering from his Holidays. This has virtually handed the championship to Team Cemais veteran Martin Evans, who basically only has to turn up in a fortnight and not pull a hamstring to secure the crown.

Last Night saw Martin lead the way from start to finish, with the only doubt being when he stopped to clarify directions from second place Harvey Godkin. I’m sure the signs were fine when they started, maybe it was the Curtis out tampering with them! Just behind Harvs was 1st Female and sure to be the retaining champion Catherine Marks (a double for Team Cemais) also nice to see Steve Williams back running regularly after long term injuries. There was concern amongst spectators and other runners for the sweeper Tom Mcauslin but I was confident the war veteran would be fine and return unscathed and for the sweeper to have a time of 56.25 just goes to show the quality of the field on what was a lumpy course!

10K Results

Pos Name Club Time
1 Martin Evans Team Cemais 40.43
2 Harvey Godkin Man-Up UK 42.17
3 Catherine Marks Team Cemais 43.20
4 Steve William 43.40
5 Lawrence Worth Pembs Harriers 46.47
6 Simon Noble 47.18
7 Andy Thomas 47.55
8 Chris Isles 48.29
9 Tom Mcauslin 56.25

The 5K – Week 3

The 5K, Now although it was dry the wind on the western tip of Pembrokeshire was blowing! And this week’s course took the runners out on the coast path and around to St Justinian’s into what could be described as a stern headwind. With Kieran Owen sunning himself somewhere hot!, team mate Fred Dorn must have fancied his chances but at lass it wasn’t to be with Pencarnan camper Phil Westmorland rocking up to deny the youngster. There was also an extremely impressive run from youngster Tom Partridge coming in 4th place leaving his Dad way behind! Tom also beat local boy Geraint Jones in a sprint finish much to the disappointment of Geraint’s wife who could be heard to shout out “Oh my god that little boy is beating him, where’s he been” No super for Geraint last night!

Whilst the first lady across the line was Di Jones another youngster in an impressive 31.22 (it was 5.5k) followed regulars Sarah Phillips and Sara Evans as joint second females to make it back, a little bit red faced but trying not to show it.

Whilst the two boot campers building up to the finale 10K Thea and Sally came in with a sprint finish collapsed on the floor and requested oxygen – Well not quite but not far off!!! Whilst the 3rd member of the team and experienced runner Mairwen decided to hang back and enjoy the view

Pos Name Club Time
1 Phil Westmorland 22.59
2 Fred Dorn St Davids RFC 25.15
3 Will Chant 25.41
4 Tom Partridge 28.35
5 Geraint Jones 28.42
6 Ben Partridge 29.40
7 Dave Partridge 29.45
8 Di Jones 31.22
9 Terry Armstrong 32.23
10 Sarah Phillips / Sara Evans 32.38
12 Fru Westmorland 33.39
13 Gethin James 35.52
14 Finley Mcauslin 38.10
15 Thea Janes / Sally Rees 38.25
17 Ieaun Davies St Davids RFC 41.03
18 Mairwen Richards 43.37

3K Fun Run

Whilst the Kids 3K race was its usual chaos with a new record for its youngest runner 1 and a half year old Talia Baxter, who was very excited to get her first race number.

Whilst first across the line was regular Tom David with Montie winning the battle of the Lavin’s to take 2nd spot and Danny Thomas taking 3rd just piping Mr Osprey Will Phillips. With Hattie Rolleston being the first female across the line but the main thing is seeing 36 plus children all keen and eager to take on the challenge and their faces as they cross the line, a mixture of confusion, excitement, be wilderness, achievement, relief and anything in-between

Pos Name Club Time
1 Tom David 11.00
2 Montie Lavin 11.16
3 Danny Thomas 11.19
4 Will Phillips 11.21
5 Alfie Lavin 12.20
6 Tomos Evans 12.36
7 Joe Docker 13.01
8 Jack Thornton 13.02
9 Jay Thomas 13.18
10 Freddie Jones 13.48
11 Joe Rolleston 13.50
12 Hattie Rolleston 14.12
13 Laney Noble 14.31
14 Poppy Westmorland 14.38
15 Rhys Phillips 16.18
16 Harry Chant 16.20
17 Emily David 16.57
18 Freddie Lavin 17.00
19 Molly James 17.05
20 Rosa 17.10
21 Max Findley / Freddie Morris 17.20
23 Jack Phillips 17.54
24 Cara Price 18.39
25 Thomas Bye 19.04
26 Ellen Griffiths 19.10
27 Megan Thornton 19.20
28 Joseph Bye 21.24
29 Ella 21.30
30 Zachery 21.32
31 Ioan David 21.40
32 Alice Clarkson 22.10
33 Sophie Phillips 22.38
34 Talia Baxter 22.45
35 Eva Phillips 23.46
88 Ollie Rolleston Sorry time not recorded

Week 4 – 5K Results

Name Club Time
Kieran Owen St Davids RFC 26.38
Will Chant 27.45
Geraint Jones 29.06
Rachel Buckle / Celia Morris (1st Females) Team Cemais 30.34
James Devonald / Roger Devonald 31.34
Sarah Phillips / Sara Evans 32.38
Gethin James 33.20
Donna Frost 39.29

Week 4 – 10K Results

Name Club Time
Martin Evans Team Cemais 48.13
Matthew Haywood 48.56
Alec Williams Pembrokeshire Harries 50.02
Danny Curtis 51.29
Steve Williams 53.15
Catherine Marks Team Cemais 54.35
Clint Southern-Warburton 55.32
Jonathan Gold 57.18
Andrew Thomas 57.33
Simon Noble 57.46
Julie Williams 58.31
Martin Price Team Cemais 59.30
Barny Hosey 1.00
Chris Isles 1.00.14
Mark Davies Pembrokeshire Harries 1.02.34
Dave Jones 1.08.32
Ike Evans 1.10.45
Rhiannon Kennard 1.14.30
Elspeth Charles-Jones 1.46.55
Pippa Venables 1.50.03
Thea Janes 1.50.16
Dani Hassle 1.50.28
Mairwen Richards / Vicky Pacheco 1.55.48

Week 4 – 3K Fun Run

Name Club Time
Tom David 9.58
Steffan Davies 10.19
Tom Eastrich 10.20
Will Phillips 10.37
Iona Roderick 10.49
Danny Thomas 11.13
Jack Thornton 12.08
Lilah Noble 12.10
Katie David 12.15

Summer is well and truly over and so is the Pencarnan Run Series, apologies for the delay in getting the final results out but August was manic! In fact the results have been so long that Thea is now a Noble!!

The Championship was dominated by Team Cemais and particularly Martin Evans 4 straight wins in the 10K with his greatest rival being direction although Week four saw him pushed all the way by a guest runner from the North of England a proper off road runner, who lead Martin for about 6 miles till the North Pembrokeshire man opened up and took him in the final stretch to take the grand slam! Whilst for the second year running St Davids girl Catherine Marks completed her own Grand Slam in four straight wins in the female 10K

The 5K race championship was a bit closer, with two young St Davids RFC boys battling it out for 1st and 2nd with Keiran Owen clinching the title, despite missing a week through holiday, and on this particular week number two Fred Dorn must of thought this was his chance to take pole position but as always, some club runner holidaying on the peninsular turns up and takes the crown! With old man Will Chant taking 3rd spot (Keiran and Freds combined age is still younger than Chanty!)

Whilst the ladies crown was shared by Sarah Philips and Sara Evans they ran every race together and finished every race together slightly reddened in the face – consistency is the best policy.

Whilst the kids race was all about participation and we had all sorts running it from babies in carriers to lightening quick 12 year olds but the results saw

Tom Davis retain his crown, closely followed by Spital’s Steffen Davies with Mr Osprey Will Phillips and Danny Thomas taking joint 3rd Whilst the Ladies saw Lilah Noble take the crown from last year’s Champ and this year’s runner up Katie David. Massive thanks to The Pencarnan’s for hosting us again and all who rocked up and joined in the fun!!

The Pencarnan 2017 Championship Table

Champion 10K Martin Evans Team Cemais
Runner Up 10K Alec Williams Pembrokeshire Harriers
3rd Place 10K Danny Curtis Lobster y Mor
Female 10K
Champion Catherine Marks Team Cemais
Runner Up Celia Morris Team Cemais
Champion 5K Kieran Owen St Davids RFC
Runner Up 5K Fred Dorn St Davids RFC
3rd Place 5K Will Chant
Female 5K
Champion 5K Sarah Phillips / Sara Evans
Children’s 3K
Champion Tom David
Runner Up Steffen Davies
3rd Place Will Phillips / Danny Thomas
Children’s 3K Girls
Champion Lilah Noble
Runner Up Katie David

Tour Reviews

5 based on 4 reviews
July 7, 2017

Did the 5k run whilst staying at Pencarnan. Loved it. Really welcoming team and a stunning route. A mixed running crowd so good for a slow runner like me. Thanks a lot. Hopefully will be back next year.

July 20, 2017

Our son Evan did his first one 2 weeks ago and loved it! We’ll be there again tonight 🙂

August 18, 2017

Great run, good mix of field and road, stunning views. Friendly runners, I’d love to do it again next year.

August 20, 2017

Just as a race should be – low key, friendly, fun, challenging and fast. What a nice evening out on holiday.

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